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36 weeks


Look at that belly! I definitely see a big difference from just last week. It is sticking straight out more and has even dropped a little. Besides just appearance, things are happening internally as well! I’ve been having contractions here and there. Not just Braxton Hicks but actual 45 second, 15 minute apart contractions that last for a few hours and then pass. It’s completely normal. Some women begin to experience preparation for labor weeks before they go into active labor. So it’s nice to know that my body is getting some work done leading up to the big event.

I had an appointment with my midwife today and told her about all the activity and even though she normally doesn’t do internal exams until week 38, she thought it would be helpful to see if anything was going on. Aaaaand….it turns out I’m about a finger tip dilated and the baby’s head is WAY down. How exciting! Now of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean too much since I could be 1 cm dilated for weeks and could certainly still go past my due date but I can’t help but get my hopes up that we will meet our little boy sooner rather than later. We need him to at least wait until he is full term on Monday but then after that, all bets are off and I’m happy for him to make his appearance as soon as he is ready. The midwife did say, “I’m not sure you’re going to make it to 40 weeks.”


35 weeks


Today mark exactly one month till our due date! But who know when baby boy McCormick will arrive…

I’m trying to hang in there as things continue to get more uncomfortable and difficult. I feel like I’m sleeping with a watermelon strapped to my stomach and I think my bladder is taking on the role of preparing me for night time feedings as I now get up to use the bathroom every 2-3 hours like clock work. On a very happy note, my sciatica is under control. Yippee! I’ve been seeing the chiropractor and acupuncturist regularly and both are definitely working. I’m so happy the intense pain is subsiding. Unfortunately, there are some new pains (groin and pelvic floor) but nothing as bad as the sciatica.

I’m starting to panic a bit about everything we need to get ready for this little guys arrival. We still don’t have a bassinet, a stroller, or even some diapers in the house!!! I know everything will probably work it self out and we are going to get all of these things but we really don’t know when he’ll arrive and he could very well decide to come before we’ve check these things off our list. But if that happens, well then I guess in the end all he really needs is our love and my breast milk…oh..and…Luke can run to the Duane Reade for some diapers :)

34 weeks


Six more weeks!!! I feel in better spirits. My sciatic pain is getting a little better. I went with a friend from birth class to a local mommy group meeting. I saw an inspiring documentary about “the most famous midwife in the world” Ina May Gaskin. And tomorrow, Luke and I are taking a very mini babymoon. Just a couple days of relaxation, going out to eat, and spending quality time just the two of us! I’m so happy we are able to take one last quick trip. Vacation has been such a huge part of our relationship and I’m really looking forward to cherishing every moment of this last one before we are a family of 3.

I went to my midwife yesterday and little boy is doing great and everything is on track. Although, I feel “done” with being pregnant, I’ve also come around this week to the fact that our little man needs these next six weeks to continue to get strong and better develop all the skills he needs out in this world. So I’m no longer hoping he comes asap, he needs his time and I’m happy to give it to him.

33 weeks


Nearing the end of 33 weeks now and I’m just starting to get a tinsy tiny bit of relief from the sciatica. Its still there but a little more manageable. But as promised, lets focus on the more positive parts of pregnancy at 33 weeks. Well, despite not always feeling great, I actually love the way I look. Okay, sometimes I complain about being huge but for the most part, I love staring at my giant belly and I think it looks pretty awesome. Also, my skin is in the best condition ever, so soft and clear. Random strangers congratulate me left and right on the street and I don’t think there has been a person at the checkout of any store that hasn’t told me how great I look or wanted to talk to me about my pregnancy. It’s nice to know the world as a whole supports this wonderful time in a woman’s life.

The little guys movements and the feeling of carrying him at 33 weeks is so vastly different from what it was at the start of the 3rd trimester. He feels big and he feels like he is running out of room. I don’t think he has enough room to really change positions too much and now he mostly just sticks out his back or butt or feet (or all of them at the same time) and seriously moves my belly into the most bizarre shapes. Most often, these two very hard round lumps will just start pushing outward on either side of me (I think his butt and knees?) and turn my once round belly into something else entirely. These days, I need to stay lying on my left side at night and thats also the side he is on but he’s so big and heavy now that I can really feel the fullness of him along my side and it becomes very achy. But all this just reminds me that I’m carrying a baby now, he’s mostly just getting bigger in there and has everything he needs to be okay out in the world.

We are in full on gathering supplies mode. Over the next few weeks we need to make sure we have everything we need for both the birth and his arrival!

32 weeks


This post is more than a week overdue, since I’m now 33 weeks and a new photo will be up soon. But here I am at 32 weeks (with a slightly different outfit since it was NYE when we took this photo). We had a great NYE, celebrating pregnancy style with Vanessa and Mark. Unfortunately, that is where the good ends and the bad begins. My pain has not subsided and I spend each day with excruciating pain in my lower right back/buttocks. It’s officially sciatica and it hurts! I’ve been seeing a chiropractor and a acupuncturist. So far its not really getting any better. I don’t know how I’ll survive the last stretch before our little man makes his appearance but I guess there is really no choice so I’ll find away. I promise for my week 33 post, I’ll skip the complaining and talk more about the excitement of getting to meet our son in just a few weeks!

31 weeks


Week 31 was a really hard week and it doesn’t look like week 32 is going to get any easier. I’ve developed a sharp pain in my lower back on the right side. Every step is super painful and I can’t put all my weight on my right leg at all. I’m not sure what’s going on but hopefully the midwife will have some advice when I go on Thursday. I’m thinking acupuncture or a chiropractor is needed. I don’t think it’s sciatica because the pain isn’t running down my leg, its just focused on one specific spot, like a nerve is being pinched or something. I really hope this can go away because I don’t know how I’ll make it to 40 weeks like this. Definitely lossing my love for being pregnant right now. I’ve had enough.

30 weeks


30 weeks and I feel like I’ve turned some sort of corner. I went from pregnant to PREGNANT. Daily life is more challenging…walking, breathing, sitting, dressing, pretty much everything. But I’m taking it in stride and trying to enjoy it because even though being pregnant is becoming more difficult I still feel awesome about carrying this little boy with me everyday. I love him more and more as we get closer to his arrival. We are at the final stretch, the final 10 weeks, and I couldn’t be more excited to meet our son. We are ready for him. We have a new home and emotionally I feel very ready for him to be apart of our family.

I’ve been experiencing a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions. Everyday, multiple times, my entire lower abdomen will harden and tighten and cause just some very slight discomfort. It’s difficult to be stopped randomly throughout the day and take a moment to let the sensation pass but I also can’t help but be excited by how much my body is practicing for the big day. I know he needs at least another 7 weeks to grow big and strong for the outside world but these practice contractions make me feel like he could possibly be ready earlier than 40 weeks. The other night I was having one about every 10 minutes for an hour or so and  for a moment I thought “could this be it?” but thankfully due to our classes I knew that it couldn’t be.

His movements have definitely changed. All the rocking n’rolling has evolved into jabs and nudges. He doesn’t flip and tumble anymore but now will stick a foot up into my ribs or straight out my side. I’m still trying to figure out if I’m feeling a foot or a head and I’ve become preoccupied with trying to decipher if his head is down and his feet are up. But I’ll just have to trust that he’ll make it happen for us.

I know I still have plenty of time left but already I get moments of sadness that soon he will no longer be just mine. One day not too far from now, he’ll be a part of the world, he will have his own personality and life that others will experience with him. And of course, that’s the way its suppose to be but for these next 10 weeks or so I’m going to cherish having him all to myself. Right now, we are as close as we will ever get to be in life, he literally lives inside me and well that pretty incredible.  



Belly button is all gone!

29 weeks


Here is the 29 week photo which is very late thanks to moving into our new home over the last week. We are finally here and settling in and it feels great. We are in love with this apartment. Little boy’s bedroom is fast becoming our favorite place, it’s the furthest along in terms of decorating and already has his crib set up! I’ll get back to some longer posts next week once I recover from the move…yeah moving at 7 months pregnant was a little insane.

Oh and something is wrong with the app that I use to write the number of weeks on the pictures :( Hopefully it will come back.

28 weeks


 This week is a little rough. I’m officially in my third trimester and I’m trying to pack/move to our new apartment by Friday…oh and I have a cold. Yeah, I’m kind of miserable right now but knowing we are going to be in our amazing new home in just a couple of days is keeping me going.

So for the lack of writing…here is another photo!  


27 weeks


I can’t believe this is the final week of my second trimester. Truly nuts. Time has gone by so fast and I couldn’t be happier. I can not wait to meet this little guy so the faster the better. But I’m definitely enjoying being pregnant and cherishing every moment.

I had an appointment with the midwife today and everything is great. I do not have gestational diabetes and she says that measuring at 29 weeks is completely normal. He’s in the 88th percentile and her response to him measuring large was that half the babies have to to be above 50% and half below. My next appointment is at 30 weeks and then after that I’ll start to go every two weeks and then things will really feel like they are about to happen.

In non baby/pregnancy news…we closed on our new home!!! We are officially moving to our amazing two bedroom, two bathroom apartment in Brooklyn! I am beyond excited to move in and start nesting.