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Pretty words

I love the idea of decorating with great sayings presented in a beautiful way.

And these wall/mirror decals from Shanna Murray certainly fit the bill. I love how she calls them “tidings”

This made me smile, since Luke often says…

More to love, found here.

Definite wedding decor potential…

Ring it On

Over the last few weeks, Amanda and I have started to check out wedding bands.  There’s a lot of great stuff out there, but I’ve become attached to a hammered gold ring from Versani, a jewelry store in Soho that holds a special significance for us.  The very first piece of jewelry I bought Amanda came from Versani, and they designed the star cut-out ring I wear everyday–a gift from my bride to be.


Isn’t it awesome?  It’s like something a caveman made for a prehistoric wedding to his cavelady.  Kidding aside, the hammered texture reminds me of something organic, natural, and time-tested — ideal for a wedding band.  I’m a fan.

We still have plenty of time and a lot of other rings to try on between now and the big day, but I have a feeling that this is the one.

Best Man – Doug McCormick, Jr.

Doug McCormick, Jr.

Name: Doug McCormick, Jr.
DOB: 30 July 1981
Hometown: Westport, CT
College: The Juilliard School of Music, Voice Major
Manhattan School of Mus–nevermind
Profession: Web Analytics Software Trainer
Spirit Animal:
Welsh Corgi
Website: (volume up)

I’m proud to have my older brother Doug as one of my best men.  Growing up we were only a grade apart, so we’ve always been close.  However, it wasn’t until sharing a studio apartment after graduation that we got really close.  Actually it was me, Dougie, Marisa, and the bride-to-be in the small Upper West Side apartment. The arrangement lasted nine months before Amanda and I fled to Brooklyn.

It’s not that I miss our special time together, but in spite of all the fighting, privacy issues, and conflicting sleep schedules, I look back back on it fondly.  This one night, Amanda and I woke up to Dougie standing ON the foot of our bed, rifling through our closet to find a cable for his MiniDisc player.  MiniDisc!! If you haven’t heard of MiniDisc, that’s because they stopped making them in 1997.  Why would he need it at 3am??! Ahh, but I digress…

At the end of it all, the four of us are closer for the shared experinece — and I wouldn’t give that back for all the so-called “personal space” in the world.  Thanks for being my Best man, you always were and always will be.

I think my true feelings would be better expressed through a Chariots of Fire Photo Montage.  Enjoy!

“He ain’t heavy; He’s my brother.”

We have a location… and date!

After many sleepless nights contemplating where to have our wedding and really thinking about what we wanted our loved ones to take away from the day, we have made a decision.  Our main goal for the wedding (besides getting hitched) is to bring our family and friends together for a weekend filled with love and good times.  We decided we wanted to get away from the city to make this happen and eventually found our way to Shadow Lawn in High Falls, NY.  Now, unfortunately, there happen to be two High Falls in the state of NY…why NY? why?  Our High Falls is about 1 hour 45 minutes north of NYC in the Hudson Valley, not minutes from Canada.  I’m sure this is going to come back and haunt me throughout the planning process. It’s worth it though, the place is amazing!

“Situated at the crest of a waterfall, Shadow Lawn is romantic and picturesque. Its 18-century stone house contributes to a formal note. The 19-century barn is elegant yet unpretentious, and the brook and manicured grounds provide a serene backdrop for perfect occasions of all kinds.” -wellwed magazine

We can’t wait till September 18, 2010!!!


Just a sneak peak

(Photo from wellwed in New York)