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Engagement Shoot – Sneak Peek

On Sunday, Luke and I had an engagement shoot with our photographers, Weddings by Two, at the Ace Hotel and around NYC. Here is a tiny sneak peek. Can’t wait to have them all!

Photographer – Weddings by Two

Picking a wedding photographer was a huge priority for us.  Not only will the photos last a lifetime and always be the perfect way to look back on the day but recently Luke and I have become a bit of novice photogs ourselves. After buying our first dSLR camera this summer we’ve enjoyed going out on photo adventures, capturing amazing moments from the everyday or our incredible vacations.

Weddings by Two met all our needs. They are unique, creative, and super fun to work with. They shoot with both digital and real film and have an arsenal of vintage cameras at their disposal. Their style is unabtrustive and intimate.  I truly feel like I know what each wedding was all about when I look at the photos.  The emotions jump right out at you.  Lets take a look at some of my favorites (click to see full image)!

Best Man – Charles Gallant

Whether you know him by Chester, Charlie, Chuck, or Chazb0t, it’s indisputable that Charles is a brilliant artist, a shrewd intellectual, and a great guy. It’s an honor to call him my best friend, and even more so, my best man.  We met in middle school and, while preoccupied with music, robot drawings, frisbees, mishaps, and adventures, effortlessly grew into lifelong friends.

Today, Charles lives in Brooklyn and works as a Freelance Web Strategist for some of the most creative and prestigious ad shops in New York.  His free time is spent finishing his guitar animation art project, considering the universe, and being totally awesome, as evidenced by the photo montage below:

Thanks, Chester, for always being a trustworthy and reliable friend.  In spite of our respective quirks–or maybe because of them–we’ve always had an easy time of understanding each other.  For that reason I’m grateful that you’re playing such an important role in the big day.  In the meantime, keep being totally awesome.

Best Man – Doug McCormick, Jr.

Doug McCormick, Jr.

Name: Doug McCormick, Jr.
DOB: 30 July 1981
Hometown: Westport, CT
College: The Juilliard School of Music, Voice Major
Manhattan School of Mus–nevermind
Profession: Web Analytics Software Trainer
Spirit Animal:
Welsh Corgi
Website: (volume up)

I’m proud to have my older brother Doug as one of my best men.  Growing up we were only a grade apart, so we’ve always been close.  However, it wasn’t until sharing a studio apartment after graduation that we got really close.  Actually it was me, Dougie, Marisa, and the bride-to-be in the small Upper West Side apartment. The arrangement lasted nine months before Amanda and I fled to Brooklyn.

It’s not that I miss our special time together, but in spite of all the fighting, privacy issues, and conflicting sleep schedules, I look back back on it fondly.  This one night, Amanda and I woke up to Dougie standing ON the foot of our bed, rifling through our closet to find a cable for his MiniDisc player.  MiniDisc!! If you haven’t heard of MiniDisc, that’s because they stopped making them in 1997.  Why would he need it at 3am??! Ahh, but I digress…

At the end of it all, the four of us are closer for the shared experinece — and I wouldn’t give that back for all the so-called “personal space” in the world.  Thanks for being my Best man, you always were and always will be.

I think my true feelings would be better expressed through a Chariots of Fire Photo Montage.  Enjoy!

“He ain’t heavy; He’s my brother.”