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Love for orange

Specifically orange boxes!

Container Store Stockholm Boxes


Old dresser: Ikea Malm

New dresser: Room and Board Grove

Our new dresser arrived and it is wonderful (before re-painting but our makeshift cardboard box dresser just wasn’t cutting it anymore)! It smells like wood and gave us 4 more drawers! I love having two smaller ones for socks and underwear. This will probably our largest investment in the apartment project but we think this guy is in it for the long haul. No more bottom of the drawer falling out!

Next Phase

By now most of the wedding craze has subsided. We recently received all our amazing photos that I will eventually share the link to once we get them up on flickr and then in about 6 more months our video will be ready but other than that its over. And I’m so so happy to be able to focus my attention on a new project. Our apartment!

I think the wedding planning has started an irreversible trend of me always needing a project to work on. And so Luke and I have decided to take on a redesign/decorate of our studio apartment. During our engagement people would often ask “Where are you going to live after the wedding?” And the question didn’t make too much sense to us at the time since we didn’t have any plans to move and didn’t think anything of the fact that we would just live where we’ve been living. But after the wedding I started to understand a little bit more. Marriage is a huge chapter that we are beginning and it makes sense that our home and what we are surrounded by should change with us.

We are already well underway with our plans. Two weeks ago we did a major clean-out….threw out everything that should have been disposed of years ago, donated furniture and clothing, and then upgraded our storage facility to add more belongings. We even replaced our refrigerator with a half fridge to allow for twice as much counter space (building the counter is still pending).

So right now, we are living on a mattress (a very comfy new queen mattress after six years sleeping on a full!) in the middle of our apartment. All our belongs are in boxes and we are eagerly awaiting the next steps… painting and repairs. After that we’ll be able to start the fun of new furniture and decorating.

I leave you with a few images of inspiration for the new look of our home. It’s quite funny to me how my daily blog reading as transformed from all weddings all the time to 24/7 decor and design blogs.

Our walls will be a light grey with white trim.

I love these crates! And I definitely might become victim to the antler trend.

I am going to try and recreate this look exactly. This bathroom just seems so peaceful and calm with a little bit of an edge. And I think its something we can realistically accomplish.

I love the collection of prints mixed together. And they are hung with 99 cent pant hangers from Ikea!

I need to remember to have a few pops of color and not just stick to safe neutrals. Plus love the vintage mirror.

Happy One Month!

I can’t believe a month has past already. Luke and I had the time of our lives at our wedding with all our family and friends…and the first month of marriage has been equally amazing.

I know I’ve let the blogging go a bit in the months leading up to the wedding, but I’m ready to get back to it. I’ll be sharing all sorts of behind the scenes details of the big day as well as anything else that may come up in our lives.

For now, let me just say Happy One Month Anniversary to the love of my life and leave you with one photo from our super talented photographers.

Oh and if you have checked out the full gallery of photobooth images, you must! I’m so happy everything seemed to have a blast taking the pictures, it was definitely a highlight of the night! Click here to view, password is wright.

UPDATE: It has come to my attention that the link may not be working above please copy and paste this into your browser

Invitation Station

Hey Friends & Family!

The invites are out and we hope they arrived safely. Here’s a behind the scenes look at all the love that went into them…

Those bows didn’t tie themselvers.

Invitation Station

“Good Times!”

Invitation Station

Look out behind you!

Invitation Station

The finished product!

Speaking of the invites, if you’re hanging on to your RSVP card, don’t forget to send it in when you get a chance.


From the beginning of our engagement the question from others and ourselves was “Where’s the honeymoon?” It’s definitely one of those exciting extra benefits of getting married plus I think  in a way reveals a lot about the couple and their interests.

Well, we have two answers. Since, September is tricky time for both of us to take off work, we are taking a few days right after the wedding and then having a big adventure in December.

Immediately following the wedding weekend, Luke and I are headed off to the Dominican Republic for a few days of decompression and shear relaxation. We are staying at an incredible guesthouse in the small town of Las Terrenas (we’re taking a VERY tiny plane from Santo Domingo to get there. EEK!). The plan is basically to do as little as possible.

The “main event” is a two week jaunt to Argentina and Chile! After many incarnations of our honeymoon, from a North American road trip to a return to South East Asia, we are so exciting to have decided on these locations. We will be visiting Buenos Aires, Mendoza, and Santiago. New Year’s Eve in Buenos Aires, wine tours in Mendoza, and stunning views of the Andes in Santiago. It will truly be an unforgettable dream come true getaway.

Luke and I have travelled a good amount over the years and have visited beautiful and exotic locations but I know this first international adventure as husband and wife will be particularly memorable!

And they’re off!

I’m very happy to be able to say our wedding invitation are in the mail and on their way to our family and friends!

It was quite the process but we absolutely love the way they came out. I can’t get over how beautiful the calligraphy looks… Cristine is an artist!

Wedding Invitations

This is the kind of stuff we talk about…

From: Luke McCormick
To: Amanda Wright
Subject: xmas gifts
Date: December 5th, 2007

I have an idea for your marshmallow idea: I’m always bummed that my marshmallows disappear when i put them in the cup. Maybe we can decrease the surface area to volume ratio by making a thick-ish circular marshmallow that sits on top of the hot cocoa so it doesn’t all melt away at once.  We can cut a little piece away to be a sipping hole.  (see attachment)

Problem:  You wont be able to blow on hot cocoa with a big marshmallow in the way.  Soultion?: Some kind of cute hand-written caution label.

What do you think?

100 Days…

till the wedding!

We are so excited and can not wait to celebrate with our family and friends.

Engagement Photos

For Amanda’s birthday we met up with our fantastic photographers, Ben & Laura of Weddings By Two, to take some engagement photos.  The session was a lot of fun and the perfect way to build a relationship with our photographers before the wedding.  On top of everything, we have all these amazing pictures!

As you’ll see in the slide shows below, we started at the ACE Hotel, where Amanda and I stayed the night before. The stylish room and lobby were a lot of fun to work with, and gave way to some really cool shots.

After getting kicked our for not giving their PR guy a heads up (oops!), we changed into more comfortable clothes and headed outside to take some pictures around Madison Square Park. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day.

We finished the session underground on the platform of the 23rd Street RW Train, a slight homage to our neighborhood. Ben, the photographer, was an inexhaustible resource of creative ideas, finding cool angles and ways to use the onncoming trains.

Enjoy the the slide shows below, and don’t be shy about letting us know what you think!