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How is it possible that I’m writing about my one year old son? There are so many emotions. I am so proud of my little man and the amazing person he is becoming but I’m also already nostalgic for the baby days that are behind us. But more on that later… Well, just in time for his first birthday Miles is officially a toddler…toddling around on two little feet. Seeing him walk around our apartment, makes me smile like crazy. He is such a little human. I wonder if he is one of the smallest little walkers there ever was. He may be small but he has more confidence and swagger than someone twice his size. He oozes personality and joy and there is really just no way to describe him. He just needs to be experienced and I am so lucky to experience the insane pleasure of being with him and being his mom everyday.

Weight: 18.6 lbs

Height: 30 inches

Hair: Still mostly in the back and getting curly.

Eyes: Big, bluish grey, and beautiful.

Likes: Holding a toy while walking around, the tractor flash card, resting his head on the ottoman, standing up while nursing, puppets

Dislikes: When mommy tries to get some cooking done and not play with Miles, getting things taken away, being in the stroller for more than 45 minutes

Loves: Playing his instruments (recorder, shakers, piano), books (especially one with flaps to lift), eating things off the floor, naked hugs after bath time, dogs, handing you his toys, peas

What he’s doing: WALKING! (it started with a couple steps towards me for about a week, then up to 15 steps at a time, and then a week before his birthday he really started just getting up and going), eating so much, understanding simple directions (can I have a kiss? play the instrument?), being cuddly, dancing up a storm every time music comes on, shaking his head, giving daddy awesome raspberries, sleeping with yaya, lifting up his arms so I can put the highchair tray on, switching his toy from one hand to the other when I’m putting on his coat or shirt, pointing at things he wants.

Things that melt my heart: There is nothing better than when he just randomly walks over to me and gives me a big hug, wrapping his little arms around my neck and laying his head on my shoulder.