Double digits. And just one more month till Miles turns one?!

As is the way with a developing human, each passing month, Miles is growing more and more into the person he plans on becoming. These past two months were definitely ones where he was exploring his opinions…likes and dislikes, fun and boring, etc. He is pretty particular when it comes to a lot of things, especially eating. His new self awareness has also turned him into quite the ham. He loves doing goofy things to make us laugh and capturing strangers attention with his cuteness. While shopping in a store, I’ll just put his stroller in front of the person at the register and he will be happily entertained trying to entertain others and keeping them interacting with him. I know I’m his mom, but seriously Miles’s cuteness is off the charts. And I love how it’s not just his adorable cheeks, nose and eyes but this incredible personality that truly makes him beyond heart-melting.

His physical skills continue to be pretty impressive and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was walking by his first birthday. Miles is definitely more physical than verbal (although there is plenty of talking too), if I had to pick one over the other that he favors.

Ok, lets get into it.

Weight: He was almost 19lbs but recently had a stomach bug and lost about a pound (it was so tough and sad).

Height: Not sure, but I’d say between 28-29 inches.

Hair: There’s a party in the back! I may need to start trimming it if the top decides to take it’s time.

Eyes: A lot like mine. Definitely a greyish blue.

Likes: Opening boxes, flipping pages, looking for things under the couch, pushing toys around the room, crawling around with his stuffed giraffe, ripping paper, beets, hummus, tomatoes.

Loves: Animal noises, listening to music, playing with musical instruments, playing with his kid uncles, puppy dogs, feeding food to others, cereal Os, duckie, all berries.

Dislikes: Oh the car seat, when other babies screech, getting a toy taken away, eating when he’s not in the mood.

What he’s doing: Impressively cruising around the apartment (cruising=walking sideways while holding onto furniture/walls/etc), standing for a few seconds unsupported, enjoying the law of gravity (aka throwing things off the highchair to walk them fall), eating food from inside his palm (shoveling), feeding others, putting objects inside a a container, coming over to hand me toys, pointing at everything, imitates sounds, maybe rolling the ball back and forth (can’t tell if he is trying to pick it up or is actually rolling it back), scrunchy face.

Things that melt my heart: Ok, so there is this “game” that Miles made up and plays and it is the cutest thing in the world. In the morning, Luke will usually take a shower while I’m nursing Miles and then join us for some play time in bed before we get a move on our day. ┬áSo Luke will be in his towel and Miles will go over to him and pretend to pull something off his nipples (it may have started when Miles thought he got a hair or something) and then proceed to pretend to feed daddy, Miles and mommy whatever this imaginary food is he has collected. It goes on for awhile and we all think it hilarious (including Miles). It’s amazing.


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