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Well this is LONG overdue. There is so much to say since I skipped last month, thanks to travel, sickness and fussiness. I’m not even sure where to begin since Miles is doing SO much these days and continuing to be the cutest most wonderful baby. Let me just get right into it with everything I can think of from the past two months

Weight: 17lbs 10oz

Height: 27.75 inches

Hair: IT’S GROWING! Okay, so he’s still pretty bald but especially in the back there is definitely some hair. It seems at the moment to be darker than I would have expected, but I think we’ll have to see when it all grows in.

Eyes: Oh these eyes. They are just perfect. And people continue to stop me in the street and comment on his beautiful eyes.

Likes: Chasing balls around on the floor, red ball in particular. Staring at the speakers when music is playing. Eating! (it was a bumpy start to solids but now you love all sorts of foods). Buttons. Stuffed giraffe…I named him Francis (you must just like giraffes in general). ¬†Sitting in our laps to read a book (books before bed always calm you down). Peoples feet (with and without socks). The ocean.

Loves: Bath time (he can’t get enough). Family dinner. Pears, apples, mangos, raspberries, sweet potatoes (anything sweet really). Tickles and silly noises. Pulling his books off the end table and “reading” them. Just exploring the apartment and playing with his toys (he can spend up to 45 min doing his own thing while I look on).

Dislikes: Lotion and pjs after your bath. Diaper changes. When I say no (but it’s amazing how well he understands no and actually stops). Sometimes he’ll complain when I put him down and walk away. Getting into the stroller (arches his back making it quite tricky to buckle him in). Falling down (obviously).

What he’s doing: SO MUCH. Ok here’s what I can think of from the past two months…Hands and knees crawling. Crawling with a toy in his hand. Pulling up on EVERYTHING. Picking things up with his thumb and forefinger (pincer grasp). Eating, chewing, swallowing finger foods and eating 3 meals a day. Standing with just one hand support. Squatting. Looking for things when they roll under the couch or fall off the stroller. Clearly, letting us know when he’s not happy. Sticking his tongue out constantly (doc says he does have a long tongue but we’ll keep on eye out to make sure it doesn’t affect his speech later). Babbling with D’s, B’s, and sometimes M’s. Making us laugh (it really seems like he’s in the the jokes now). Finding things funny all on his own (it’s the cutest thing when he just sees something and laughs at it). Talking to his toys/stuffed animals. Giving kisses.

Things that melt my heart: Getting kisses! When he put his head on my chest. Goofing around in mommy and daddy’s bed after pj time.

Oh jeez, I love Miles sooooooooo much.