So if last month it was all about wanting to move, this month it was all about MOVING. That’s right, Mr. Miles is mobile. He army crawls his way anywhere his little heart desires. This is huge. My little baby boy has a will and can actually make things happen for himself. If he wants it, he goes for it, if he’s curious about something he can go explore it. The world has opened up to him in a whole new way. And it seems his new found ability has actually helped him become more cuddly and a better nurser. It’s as if his previous need for constant freedom was truly all about figuring out how to move ¬†and now that he’s got it down, he’s ok with taking a break every once in awhile. This month he also feels so much more aware of our relationship. He absolutely knows who I am and I can see him finding ways to express his love. He’s truly participating in our bond. “Aware” is actually how complete strangers will often describe Miles. Many time this past month, someone will comment that “he’s so aware.” I’m continually impressed by how engaged he is in the world around him and the incredible focus he has. At music class, when the teacher is talking, I look around and all the other babies are acting like normal babies, in their own world or exploring things around them, but then I look at Miles and he is laser focused on the teacher and listening to every word she says (even one day when we were right next to her, he turned his head back to pay complete attention). It’s been a really amazing month.

So here’s Miles at 7 months…

Weight: Probably between 16.5-17lbs

Heights: Too hard to measure but he’s of course growing everyday

Eyes: Often so serious, focused, and engaged.

Likes: Chair legs, tags, watching the red ball roll around, going in the pool, pears, broccoli, and sweet potatoes

Loves: Music (it can literally stop him in his tracks), Crawling (obviously), Exploring the living room, wires and cords (continually trying to keep him away from them), SWINGS, daddy’s glasses

Dislikes: Other babies screeching

What he’s doing: Crawling (army style), Eating (both purees and finger foods…it’s going ok, good and bad sessions), Making D sounds, Blowing air/raspberries, Lots of different yoga type moves, Drinking water from a straw cup, sometimes waking up way too early (5:45 is too early), not having nursing issues (yay for that phase being over), being awesome.

Things that melt my heart: The way he tries to follow me around now that he can! When he actually nursed in public at a bar!

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