Six months is a big deal. It seems like there are a lot of things that are no no’s until six months. A whole new world will be opening up to Miles. He’ll be able to start solid foods and wear sunblock (along with a bunch of other things I’m forgetting right now). This past month has really hit me how fast he’s growing up. I’m starting to wish I had never put him down as a baby because now he rarely wants to cuddle. It’s all go go go. Miles does not sit still. He’s not actually going anywhere quite yet but man oh man does he want to. He’s constantly rocking back and forth and moving his arms and legs on while on his tummy. He will stare and stretch for a toy just out of his grasp and so badly want to move towards it. He has his sweet quiet moments and maybe once in awhile he’ll actually rest his head on my shoulder but for the most part I have to remind myself not to be too sad about his independence and instead be in awe of his determination and love for reaching that next step in development. I can literally watch him wanting to grow-up. And although it seems like all he wants to do is play play play and go go go, he doesn’t miss an opportunity to stop, look over his shoulder and give me the biggest smile in the world just to let me know he’s still thinking about me. He makes me the proudest mama ever and I love him more than I thought humanly possible.

So here’s Miles at 6 months…

Weight: 16lbs 4oz

Height: 26.25 inches (apparently the measurement was wrong at our 4 month appointment, so we don’t know what he was then)

Eyes: The skin around them always gets so red. And unfortunately, I think he’s inherited my dark circles. Sorry buddy. But they are still so gorgeous.

Likes: Splashing in the water during bath time. Peek a boo. Watching people eat. Grabbing at anything on the table. Music class. Observing grownups in conversation.

Loves: When I let him gnaw on some food (he’s tried cucumber and watermelon). Playing by himself with all his toys. When someone sings to him. The Boo, Ba, La La book. Bouncing, jumping, moving.

Dislikes: Getting a toy taken away that he was playing with (sometimes I have to wash them before he sticks them in his mouth!). Nursing (I think), often I have to feed his in his sleep just to get him to eat. Getting his clothes changed.

What he’s doing: Grabbing his feet and doing the happy baby pose. I saw him a few times get up on his knees and forearm. TEETHING, although nothing is at the surface yet, he just seems pretty uncomfortable and is rubbing his gums. Taking shorter naps (grrr). Trying oh so hard to move around. Knowing what he wants and going for it or reaching for it. Doing big pushups. Sitting with just a little assistance. Making so many funny faces (he has very expressive eyebrows and always contorts his mouth in weird ways).

Things that melt my heart: How I can make him smile at the drop of a hat. When he comes at my face with a full open mouth. Steeling snuggles after the dream feed.

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