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As expected, our little guy has grown and changed so much in just one month. He’s reached some big milestones and as always is growing cuter and more fun with each day. He is SO much fun. On Sundays, when the three of us are together all day, we spend most of it just making Miles laugh. There is no greater accomplishment in life right now than to make Miles laugh. It’s the best sound in the world and it never gets old. He is definitely an active participant in the world now and watching him discover and observe everything around him is so amazing. However, with his growing awareness of the world, he’s also become a lot less flexible from his newborn days. He doesn’t sleep anywhere as much and has become pretty darn picky about when, where and how he likes his meals. But on the other hand, he’s on more of a schedule and our days are somewhat predictable now which is really nice.

Did I mention how much fun Miles is? I can’t get over how much joy he’s brought into our lives. I don’t think I really knew what was fun was until having experienced life with my own child. I highly recommend it!

So here’s Miles at 5 months…

Weight: 15lbs 4oz (we have a pediatric scale)

Hair: Maybe some more fuzz?

Eyes: So pensive, curious, examining, and kind

Likes: Putting everything in his mouth. Squirming about (he doesn’t sit still much anymore). Looking at his reflection. Playing with his science ball. Looking at books. Sleeping on his tummy in his crib. Trying to steal glances at the TV. Bath time. Watching us eat.



Dislikes: Startling noises. Nursing anywhere but in our bed after having woken up from a nap that took place in his crib.

Loves: Funny noises (high pitches, raspberries, popping sounds, pretty much any silly noises a person can make). Playing with a water glass. Sophie the Giraffe. Sleeping. Getting tickled on his sides (probably not but I love it). When Luke blows really fast from his toes to his face. Kisses. Being surprised. The most random things (we do the craziest things to make him laugh, I can’t even think of them all!).



What he’s doing: Laughing, laughing, laughing (did I mention that?). Rolling over from back to tummy (pretty much if you set him down he immediately rolls over). Sleeping through the night in his crib (and no more swaddle). Grabbing and holding onto toys. Shaking a rattle. Scooting around a little bit on his tummy. Pulling his knees up under him when on his tummy. Almost grabbing his feet when he’s on his back. Being so curious about everything he sees.


Things that melt my heart: The way he holds onto my arm when I carry him. His sleepy little face when I roll him over in the morning. When he looks back at me on the couch if he’s playing solo on his play mat. How, if he’s having trouble falling asleep and crying, I’ll rub his back and he drifts off peacefully. All the new skills he’s learning and mastering. And of course, the sounds of his laugh.


I love this guy SO MUCH!