I’m so happy to find myself with the most adorable loving little four month old that I could have ever imagined. Although, there are moments where it seems to be going by too fast or where I’m even a little sad the newborn days are behind us, more than anything I’m loving every new and exciting day with Miles. I’m happy that with each passing day he is growing up to become the person he’s meant to be. I love that I am witness to every new discovery he makes and every milestone he reaches. I’m watching my son develop his own personality and preferences. And I’m just lucky to get to give him kisses along the way. I love him so much.

So before he changes on me yet again, I wanted to capture Miles at four months…

Weight: 14lbs

Height: Not sure…we’ll find out on the 11th when he gets his next round of vaccinations. (edit: 26 inches!)

Hair: Still barely any.

Eyes: So big and blue. Everyone comments on his beautiful eyes.


Likes: Mr. Sun on his toy bar attached to the bouncy chair. The alphabet song that Montgomery whale sings. Butterflies! Sophie the Giraffe. “Reading” his black & white book while doing tummy time. Getting lotion put on his legs.


Dislikes: Getting lotion put on his face. When I need to get the boogies out of his nose. Being tired and not getting to sleep right away. Being in the stroller if its not moving. The sun in his eyes. Bottles (only direct from the source for Miles).

Loves: When Daddy talks to him in French. Being sung to. Getting into his Miracle Blanket and going down for his first morning nap. Personal one on one attention.

What he’s doing: Talking up a storm. Kicking his legs like crazy. Being a master at tummy time. Rolling from front to back (a few times). Showing us his little laugh (just a handful of times so far). Sleeping 6 hours without nursing (actually last night was his first night in his crib and he slept from the dream feed (10:30) till 6:45!). Grabbing at toys (not yet holding on to them for very long). Chewing on his fingers non stop. Often being too distracted/busy to focus on eating (drives mommy nuts).


Things that melt my heart: The giant smiles I get first thing in the morning when I peak over his bassinet. The way he stretches his arms up when I unswaddle him. Always looking for me when someone else holds him. The little stories he tells in his sweet voice. The way he nuzzles in my neck before nap time. The smell of his head. How much he loves his daddy.


This baby of ours is nothing short of incredible. He has brought us constant joy every moment for the past four months. I can’t wait to see who he’ll become over the next month!

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