6 weeks old


This week was a very special one for me. It felt like everything changed, in a very good way. As if overnight, Miles went from a blobby newborn to a sweet little baby. We bonded in a whole new way this week. I felt so confident as a new mom and I’m really starting to understand my son. I’m very lucky that he is still very mellow and easy going. If he does get a little upset, it seems clear to me whether he is tired, hungry, having gas pains, etc. I’ve loved Miles since the moment I found out I was pregnant but this week, well this week, I fell head over heals, crazy, I can’t get enough, in love with him. I love every moment of time we spend together and I truly feel like the luckiest mom in the world to call him mine. I just want to love him, cuddle him and kiss him all day long. And as if he wanted to tell me he feels the same way, at the end of the week, the morning he turned exactly 6 weeks old, he smiled!



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