5 weeks old


What to say about my 5 week old…honestly, right now I’m having a hard time remembering last week. I’m not overly tired since he is a great sleeper but all the days are blending together or perhaps its just that I’m so excited by our days now that I’m not able to look backwards. I know that we took our first trip out to dinner with Miles in the Moby wrap all snuggled against my chest. I know that our little cutie had to deal with reflux which just breaks my heart. I know his baby acne and cradle cap were pretty bad but thankfully these things don’t hurt him. I know that we continued with working on establishing a schedule and he’s taking to it pretty well. I know we were stuck in the apartment for a couple days thanks to crappy weather, and this is never a good thing because its so much better when we can be out and about in the world. I know that each day he was alert a little more than the day before and I love the awake time when I can sing to him and “play” with him. But mostly I know that I love our little Miles more and more everyday (if that’s even possible).

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