Breastfeeding is complicated. Simple as that. It’s amazing that something so essential as feeding your newborn can be riddled with such difficulties. Finding the right position, getting the right latch, nipple pain, and is my baby getting enough anxiety. Did the cavewoman deal with these issues? I’m sure like most things in life the stress we place on breastfeeding only adds to complications. Even after almost five weeks of nursing 8-10 times a day (thats about 350 sessions!), we still don’t have it down completely. Everyone says it will get easier and then just be no big deal. I hope that time comes soon.

There are however those magical times when he latches on perfectly, it doesn’t hurt, and I know that he is getting everything he needs. When this happens, its the most incredible feeling to look down at my beautiful little baby and feel a rush of love greater and more pure than any other feeling in the world.

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