4 weeks old aka One Month!


My sweet baby boy is one month old! I cannot believe four weeks have gone by so fast. Well, I guess they seem fast now that we are at four weeks but each of those weeks was a mini lifetime when they were happening. The hard work, the stress and the intense love can make a week feel much longer but now that we are standing with a month behind us it seems like it all went by in a flash. Week 4 was wake up week for Miles, he is slowly coming out of his super sleepy newborn (3 week early newborn) stage and becoming more alert. We get more eyes open time together which just makes my heart explode. Every time I see those precious eyes looking back at me I get so excited, I just talk and talk to him trying to get in as much love and words as I can before he falls back asleep. Luke and I also experienced one freak out crying fit. He was really going it at it but then mama came along and worked her magic and it quickly ended. I must say it was an incredible feeling to take my screaming son and know that I could comfort him. I know there will be many times where this is not the case and I will feel at a loss for how to help him but being able to calm him down for his first real moment of upset gave me a nice boost in mommy confidence.

We joined a new moms group in the neighborhood. I loved the first meeting and will definitely be looking forward to Tuesdays at 2:30 for the next six weeks. It’s so nice to spend time with other new moms and have that community. We also took walks everyday with Miles in his stroller. It wasn’t too cold and I loved just walking around and running errands while pushing him around all cozy in his stroller.

Happy one month birthday little man! You’re getting cuter and cuter each day.


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