3 weeks old


Week 3 was Miles and my first week flying solo all day. And I must say, we did a pretty good job. Lucky for me, at 3 weeks old, this little guy is still very much just interested in sleeping and eating. I’m amazed at what a perfect clock he is, stirring from his naps exactly on time for his next meal…and then back to sleep he goes. We thought about going outside this week but it was just too cold, so other than one quick trip to the Duane Reade, we stayed cuddled up inside together. I’ve taking to calling our sweet baby, monkey, all the time. I hope he doesn’t end up thinking that’s his name. He just looks like the cutest little monkey and he keeps getting cuter each and every day. We had a few more alert moments this week, luckily for daddy, they seem to take place just as Luke is getting home. Miles took a couple more baths this week, which he is still not a fan of. Probably, the biggest thing that happened was that I had to leave my baby for 3 whole hours to go to the doctor while Grandma Karen watched him. I cried on the walk to the subway. But we survived and of course Miles just slept in Grandma’s arms the entire time I was gone.

I feel like I’ve hit the baby lottery with Miles. He is perfect. His sweet innocent face and calm loving demeanor are just too good to be true. Luke and I stare at him for hours and just fall deeper and deeper in love with him as each moment passes. There are times I long for the newborn stage to be over, so he’ll be a little less fragile or a little more interactive, but I know also that this time is a gift and it will be over before I know it. And truly there is nothing more incredible than holding my tiny son close to me as he falls asleep in my arms, so peaceful and so happy…both of us.

(I realized that 3 weeks was already one week ago, I will get better at being current with these posts…someday)


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