35 weeks


Today mark exactly one month till our due date! But who know when baby boy McCormick will arrive…

I’m trying to hang in there as things continue to get more uncomfortable and difficult. I feel like I’m sleeping with a watermelon strapped to my stomach and I think my bladder is taking on the role of preparing me for night time feedings as I now get up to use the bathroom every 2-3 hours like clock work. On a very happy note, my sciatica is under control. Yippee! I’ve been seeing the chiropractor and acupuncturist regularly and both are definitely working. I’m so happy the intense pain is subsiding. Unfortunately, there are some new pains (groin and pelvic floor) but nothing as bad as the sciatica.

I’m starting to panic a bit about everything we need to get ready for this little guys arrival. We still don’t have a bassinet, a stroller, or even some diapers in the house!!! I know everything will probably work it self out and we are going to get all of these things but we really don’t know when he’ll arrive and he could very well decide to come before we’ve check these things off our list. But if that happens, well then I guess in the end all he really needs is our love and my breast milk…oh..and…Luke can run to the Duane Reade for some diapers :)

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