34 weeks


Six more weeks!!! I feel in better spirits. My sciatic pain is getting a little better. I went with a friend from birth class to a local mommy group meeting. I saw an inspiring documentary about “the most famous midwife in the world” Ina May Gaskin. And tomorrow, Luke and I are taking a very mini babymoon. Just a couple days of relaxation, going out to eat, and spending quality time just the two of us! I’m so happy we are able to take one last quick trip. Vacation has been such a huge part of our relationship and I’m really looking forward to cherishing every moment of this last one before we are a family of 3.

I went to my midwife yesterday and little boy is doing great and everything is on track. Although, I feel “done” with being pregnant, I’ve also come around this week to the fact that our little man needs these next six weeks to continue to get strong and better develop all the skills he needs out in this world. So I’m no longer hoping he comes asap, he needs his time and I’m happy to give it to him.

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