Dear Baby M. // 4

I can’t stop thinking about holding you. I want to have you in my arms so terribly. I think about walking around the apartment with your little naked body in a sling next to my skin just going about our day together being as close as possible. I want to have you lying on my chest and feel your little breaths and know that all this incredible work of growing you has resulted in the most perfect being that could have ever entered my life. You have changed so much in the past few weeks and I just have this overwhelming feeling that you need to be with us in the world. You don’t feel like a tiny fetus that needs to be protected inside me anymore. I actually feel like I’m carrying a person, a whole and complete little baby. It’s incredible.

It has been difficult physically over the last couple of weeks and I do need to remind myself that it’s not your fault. You are doing what you need to do and I need to remain strong and positive as we get close to the end. I know I’ve said this before but you have the most amazing dad in the world and he has been so wonderful trying to help me through the tough moments. I can see the pain on his face knowing that I’m in pain and he does whatever he can to help me. He works so hard to make sure we have a beautiful life and then on top of that he comes home does all the chores I haven’t been able to do all day and then he massages my back, brings me ice packs, cooks me soup and so much more. Lets always remember to tell him how much we love him.

I hope you will love life little one. Your dad and I have it pretty great and we can’t wait to share our love and happiness with you. We try not to forget how lucky we are and often will stop and remark to each other how incredible our lives are…the places we’ve traveled, the food we eat, the beautiful things we’ve surround ourselves with, the fun we have, and the joy we feel being together. I love that soon you will experience all of it with us.

It won’t be long now until we meet. I hope you’re prepared for all the time you will be spending in my arms. I’m not sure I will be able to put you down.



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