33 weeks


Nearing the end of 33 weeks now and I’m just starting to get a tinsy tiny bit of relief from the sciatica. Its still there but a little more manageable. But as promised, lets focus on the more positive parts of pregnancy at 33 weeks. Well, despite not always feeling great, I actually love the way I look. Okay, sometimes I complain about being huge but for the most part, I love staring at my giant belly and I think it looks pretty awesome. Also, my skin is in the best condition ever, so soft and clear. Random strangers congratulate me left and right on the street and I don’t think there has been a person at the checkout of any store that hasn’t told me how great I look or wanted to talk to me about my pregnancy. It’s nice to know the world as a whole supports this wonderful time in a woman’s life.

The little guys movements and the feeling of carrying him at 33 weeks is so vastly different from what it was at the start of the 3rd trimester. He feels big and he feels like he is running out of room. I don’t think he has enough room to really change positions too much and now he mostly just sticks out his back or butt or feet (or all of them at the same time) and seriously moves my belly into the most bizarre shapes. Most often, these two very hard round lumps will just start pushing outward on either side of me (I think his butt and knees?) and turn my once round belly into something else entirely. These days, I need to stay lying on my left side at night and thats also the side he is on but he’s so big and heavy now that I can really feel the fullness of him along my side and it becomes very achy. But all this just reminds me that I’m carrying a baby now, he’s mostly just getting bigger in there and has everything he needs to be okay out in the world.

We are in full on gathering supplies mode. Over the next few weeks we need to make sure we have everything we need for both the birth and his arrival!

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