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36 weeks


Look at that belly! I definitely see a big difference from just last week. It is sticking straight out more and has even dropped a little. Besides just appearance, things are happening internally as well! I’ve been having contractions here and there. Not just Braxton Hicks but actual 45 second, 15 minute apart contractions that last for a few hours and then pass. It’s completely normal. Some women begin to experience preparation for labor weeks before they go into active labor. So it’s nice to know that my body is getting some work done leading up to the big event.

I had an appointment with my midwife today and told her about all the activity and even though she normally doesn’t do internal exams until week 38, she thought it would be helpful to see if anything was going on. Aaaaand….it turns out I’m about a finger tip dilated and the baby’s head is WAY down. How exciting! Now of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean too much since I could be 1 cm dilated for weeks and could certainly still go past my due date but I can’t help but get my hopes up that we will meet our little boy sooner rather than later. We need him to at least wait until he is full term on Monday but then after that, all bets are off and I’m happy for him to make his appearance as soon as he is ready. The midwife did say, “I’m not sure you’re going to make it to 40 weeks.”


35 weeks


Today mark exactly one month till our due date! But who know when baby boy McCormick will arrive…

I’m trying to hang in there as things continue to get more uncomfortable and difficult. I feel like I’m sleeping with a watermelon strapped to my stomach and I think my bladder is taking on the role of preparing me for night time feedings as I now get up to use the bathroom every 2-3 hours like clock work. On a very happy note, my sciatica is under control. Yippee! I’ve been seeing the chiropractor and acupuncturist regularly and both are definitely working. I’m so happy the intense pain is subsiding. Unfortunately, there are some new pains (groin and pelvic floor) but nothing as bad as the sciatica.

I’m starting to panic a bit about everything we need to get ready for this little guys arrival. We still don’t have a bassinet, a stroller, or even some diapers in the house!!! I know everything will probably work it self out and we are going to get all of these things but we really don’t know when he’ll arrive and he could very well decide to come before we’ve check these things off our list. But if that happens, well then I guess in the end all he really needs is our love and my breast milk…oh..and…Luke can run to the Duane Reade for some diapers :)

Mini Babymoon / DIY Photo Shoot

Over the weekend, Luke and I took a last minute trip to Florida for a so called “babymoon.” It was a nice way to spend some quality time together before our lives are about to change dramatically. The weather wasn’t in our favor so we spent a lot of time talking, eating and taking pictures of my growing belly. There was a wonderful mix of talking about the future and our lives with baby and also reminiscing about all our past adventures together. Its amazing how much we’ve experienced together over the past 8 years and all the incredible memories we’ve created. And now we get to build on that with the newest member of our little family.

We stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Ft Lauderdale which was lovely and the room provided us with lots of great photo opportunities! I thought about doing a maternity photo shoot with a professional photographer but in the end I love that we just did it ourselves. Luke is pretty talented with the camera and it was super fun and easy to work on together.




Even though there wasn’t much sun, I had to get the obligatory bikini shot!


We were so cold but actually went in the pool and then I needed the sweatshirt…


Rain and wind on the beach

Showing some skin…

34 weeks


Six more weeks!!! I feel in better spirits. My sciatic pain is getting a little better. I went with a friend from birth class to a local mommy group meeting. I saw an inspiring documentary about “the most famous midwife in the world” Ina May Gaskin. And tomorrow, Luke and I are taking a very mini babymoon. Just a couple days of relaxation, going out to eat, and spending quality time just the two of us! I’m so happy we are able to take one last quick trip. Vacation has been such a huge part of our relationship and I’m really looking forward to cherishing every moment of this last one before we are a family of 3.

I went to my midwife yesterday and little boy is doing great and everything is on track. Although, I feel “done” with being pregnant, I’ve also come around this week to the fact that our little man needs these next six weeks to continue to get strong and better develop all the skills he needs out in this world. So I’m no longer hoping he comes asap, he needs his time and I’m happy to give it to him.

Dear Baby M. // 4

I can’t stop thinking about holding you. I want to have you in my arms so terribly. I think about walking around the apartment with your little naked body in a sling next to my skin just going about our day together being as close as possible. I want to have you lying on my chest and feel your little breaths and know that all this incredible work of growing you has resulted in the most perfect being that could have ever entered my life. You have changed so much in the past few weeks and I just have this overwhelming feeling that you need to be with us in the world. You don’t feel like a tiny fetus that needs to be protected inside me anymore. I actually feel like I’m carrying a person, a whole and complete little baby. It’s incredible.

It has been difficult physically over the last couple of weeks and I do need to remind myself that it’s not your fault. You are doing what you need to do and I need to remain strong and positive as we get close to the end. I know I’ve said this before but you have the most amazing dad in the world and he has been so wonderful trying to help me through the tough moments. I can see the pain on his face knowing that I’m in pain and he does whatever he can to help me. He works so hard to make sure we have a beautiful life and then on top of that he comes home does all the chores I haven’t been able to do all day and then he massages my back, brings me ice packs, cooks me soup and so much more. Lets always remember to tell him how much we love him.

I hope you will love life little one. Your dad and I have it pretty great and we can’t wait to share our love and happiness with you. We try not to forget how lucky we are and often will stop and remark to each other how incredible our lives are…the places we’ve traveled, the food we eat, the beautiful things we’ve surround ourselves with, the fun we have, and the joy we feel being together. I love that soon you will experience all of it with us.

It won’t be long now until we meet. I hope you’re prepared for all the time you will be spending in my arms. I’m not sure I will be able to put you down.



33 weeks


Nearing the end of 33 weeks now and I’m just starting to get a tinsy tiny bit of relief from the sciatica. Its still there but a little more manageable. But as promised, lets focus on the more positive parts of pregnancy at 33 weeks. Well, despite not always feeling great, I actually love the way I look. Okay, sometimes I complain about being huge but for the most part, I love staring at my giant belly and I think it looks pretty awesome. Also, my skin is in the best condition ever, so soft and clear. Random strangers congratulate me left and right on the street and I don’t think there has been a person at the checkout of any store that hasn’t told me how great I look or wanted to talk to me about my pregnancy. It’s nice to know the world as a whole supports this wonderful time in a woman’s life.

The little guys movements and the feeling of carrying him at 33 weeks is so vastly different from what it was at the start of the 3rd trimester. He feels big and he feels like he is running out of room. I don’t think he has enough room to really change positions too much and now he mostly just sticks out his back or butt or feet (or all of them at the same time) and seriously moves my belly into the most bizarre shapes. Most often, these two very hard round lumps will just start pushing outward on either side of me (I think his butt and knees?) and turn my once round belly into something else entirely. These days, I need to stay lying on my left side at night and thats also the side he is on but he’s so big and heavy now that I can really feel the fullness of him along my side and it becomes very achy. But all this just reminds me that I’m carrying a baby now, he’s mostly just getting bigger in there and has everything he needs to be okay out in the world.

We are in full on gathering supplies mode. Over the next few weeks we need to make sure we have everything we need for both the birth and his arrival!

45 days till…

These two become Mom and Dad…wow!

Baby Shower

On Saturday, my mom and Kasia threw me a wonderful baby shower. It was a lovely afternoon, surrounded my great woman who definitely showered me with love and support. Our little boy received some great gifts and lots and lots of adorable shoes! I can’t wait for him to make his appearance into this world and meet all the incredible people that already love him so much. He is truly one lucky little man to have brilliant, caring and creative people in his life. I’m so excited to raise him in a community of people I love and trust. Lots of great babysitters in his future. Thank you to everyone who came and for being apart of our new growing little family’s life!



High school girls!


Mommy and Grandma! 3 (almost 4) generations!


All of Baby M’s Grandmas! We will never be short on a loving person to help out and take care of him.

32 weeks


This post is more than a week overdue, since I’m now 33 weeks and a new photo will be up soon. But here I am at 32 weeks (with a slightly different outfit since it was NYE when we took this photo). We had a great NYE, celebrating pregnancy style with Vanessa and Mark. Unfortunately, that is where the good ends and the bad begins. My pain has not subsided and I spend each day with excruciating pain in my lower right back/buttocks. It’s officially sciatica and it hurts! I’ve been seeing a chiropractor and a acupuncturist. So far its not really getting any better. I don’t know how I’ll survive the last stretch before our little man makes his appearance but I guess there is really no choice so I’ll find away. I promise for my week 33 post, I’ll skip the complaining and talk more about the excitement of getting to meet our son in just a few weeks!