26 weeks


Hello week 26!

New developments:

I started self guided Hypnobirthing and I love it. I’ve been having trouble sleeping and more than anything listening to the tracks help me fully relax and fall asleep with ease. I probably need to practice more than I do but right now I’m so grateful to have something that helps me sleep.

Heartburn! Yeah, its unpleasant but I’m dealing with it.

So so much back pain…lower, middle and upper. It hurts everywhere. I got my first real prenatal massage on Monday, it was wonderful. They have these special supports that allow you to lay face down without squishing the belly. It definitely helped along with the stretching I do but the pain does just come back, so another unpleasantry that I’m learning to live with.

So despite the few discomforts I’m doing really well. I love being pregnant and I’m happy to take the bad with all the good. It’s wonderful how kind and generous the world is to pregnant women, I truly feel so special and I’m reminded often what an incredible thing is happening to me!

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