The first 17 weeks


Since I didn’t start writing until week 17. I thought I would share a little about the pretty difficult first trimester. I think it can be summed up simply…nausea and vomiting. I experienced 6 weeks straight of non-stop nausea that was frequently accompanied by dry heaving and then sometimes resulted in full on vomiting. It was awful. There were many days were all I could manage to eat was a few saltines and some ginger pieces. I lost about 5 pounds. I wore sea-bands throughout the day but I’m not sure they did much. I spent a lot of time miserable on the couch because being outside in the 90 degree summer was not pleasant. One time when I thought I was doing ok, I found myself in an Argo Tea cafe bathroom puking. And since this was all happening in the first trimester, no one knows, or at least very few people. I was still not sharing the news with anyone other than family and a few close friends, so I couldn’t explain to most what I was going through and of course I wasn’t showing yet so complete strangers had no understanding or sympathy either. ¬†And then one day around week 12 it was all over, just like that. They say women forget about the morning sickness, I’m not sure I will, but without a doubt I’d go through it all again for the next one.

The news was pretty hush hush, we told all our parents and about 6 close friends but no extended family until week 12. I wanted to be as sure as I was going to get that this little one was here to stay before shouting it from the roof tops. It was hard to keep it a secret for so long but it was also nice when we finally did tell people that we could relive the excitement all over again.

We found out really early on at exactly 4 weeks. It was a Saturday (the day before father’s day) and I woke up after Luke had gone to class with an overwhelming need to go to the bathroom and it just struck me as something a little different so I thought why not just take the test and see. Well low and behold it was positive! I was stunned (I didn’t think it would happen so fast!) and over the moon excited but then there I was alone in the apartment with no one to tell. It was a little fun to walk around the city that morning knowing I was the only one in the world who knew there was a baby growing inside me but mostly I just really really wanted to tell Luke. When he came home from school, I said, I want to show you something and presented the test with the blue plus sign. I’ll never forget his reaction and pure joy on his face and the way he lifted me up and hugged me. Of the many amazing moments in our 8 years together, it was one of the best. After that we went out to dinner to celebrate at the Meatball Shop and talked the whole time about how we were going to be having a baby.

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