23 weeks (missing photo)


Sadly, there is no photo from week 23, thanks to Hurricane Sandy. During most of week 23 we were refugees staying at Luke’s dad’s apartment because the power went out for all of lower Manhattan. It went out Monday night and didn’t return till Friday evening. Even now, we still have no hot water, heat or Internet. But of course, Sandy cause a lot more devastation around the tri-state area and all in all we were very lucky. It was a difficult week being away from home but now we are back and onto week 24! (photo in a day or two).

We also were not able to have Luke’s big 30th birthday party due to the storm. We were however left with one giant cake meant for 100 people and happily before the lights went out some friends came over to help us eat as much of it as we could. So here is one picture of me right at the beginning of week 23 with a HUGE piece of cake.


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