Dear Baby M(cCormick) // 1.


Dear Baby M,

Well little one, you have become quite the mover and the shaker! I know I don’t have any other pregnancy to compare you to but WOW it seems like you move around a lot in there. I can feel you wiggling and kicking throughout the day, but you are especially active at night when I’m more still and relaxing, I can see your kicks and flips through my skin and it is just the most amazing thing to watch. The other day you moved my whole belly from left to right! And late last night, I had my hand to my belly and you moved so strongly that I could feel your little body in my hand and I definitely teared up. I’m so happy to be able to feel you so much. It makes me relieved to know you are strong and health but it also has created a strong bond between us and given me a little insight into who you are.

I’ve definitely noticed a pattern to when you like to be especially active. Its usually around 8:30, 10:30 and 12:30, so about every two hours at night. My guess is that at 8:30 you are enjoying dinner that has finally arrived to you, at 10:30 you’ve just had a nice massage from me applying my stretch mark oil, and then at 12:30 you are tossing and turning with me as we try and fall asleep. You are my little sidekick (pun intended) throughout the day now and I can wait to be able to hold you and talk to you when you arrive and continue to be my little companion. I look forward to holding you close in your carrier as we walk to the park, giving you baths and more massages after dinner each night, and just staring at you for hours throughout the day.

I already love you like crazy little one. I want to meet you sooooo bad but for now I will continue to enjoy all your movements that let me know you are happy growing big and strong.

xoxo, Mom

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