20 weeks


Wow. 20 weeks!! We are officially at the half way mark! The first 20 weeks flew by so I’m just imagining that our little boy will be here before we know it. Eeeek. I’m insanely excited, and although there is A LOT to do before he arrives, I can not wait for February. I know Luke feels the same way because he often asks if the baby can come now (so cute).

This past week my appetite has sky-rocketed. After my morning sickness was over I thought I had a good appetite but it was nothing compared to this past week. I just can not eat enough. I basically need to be eating non stop, all day long. It is just such a funny experience for me because I’ve spent my whole life wishing I could eat more. I love food so it was always so sad when I’d need to leave amazing food on my plate because I just couldn’t fit another bite. I always became full quickly and often would get nauseous or uncomfortable easily. But now, it just so much fun to eat and eat. This is by far my favorite pregnancy side effect. On the less fun side…I keep getting a stuffy nose and congestion. Oh well, the good with the bad.

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