19 weeks


Hello, 19 weeks. Things are pretty much the same as they were last week. Feeling the baby move and looking more and more pregnant each day. Luke has been able to feel the movements as well which has been fun.

Yesterday we learned that our little boy is going to have an instant buddy right from the start because our super close friends Vanessa and Mark are also having a boy! Vanessa and I have been the best of friends since middle school. We did everything together in high school and then found ourselves at Skidmore together. So, needless to say, being pregnant at the same time has been a dream come true. We don’t know any other couples having babies so it’s great to have one that we can share this amazing experience/journey with. Vanessa is due just 9 days before me and now to find out we are both having boys….its just crazy!!! I can’t wait to see our two little dudes playing, learning and growing together. So many trips to the park with these sweet little boys in our future!

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