A letter from Dad…


Well Baby, your dad has written you the most beautiful card and just in case anything were ever to happen to it I have to share it here because his words made my cry and I know that you’d want to hear them…


Hey Baby!

You are still inside your mommy now, but it’s our anniversary (2 years!) and in the interest of fairness I thought you deserved a card as well. We saw you yesterday on the sonogram. It was pretty amazing. You have a spine, five fingers and toes, BONES! and a cute little butt. Also, it turns out, you’re a BOY! Congratulations!… Beyond that, we don’t know much more about you. You’ll have to let us know after we teach you how to talk. We do know this, however: you are the greatest and most wonderful thing that has and will happen to us. You are loved so dearly by two people who have so much love between them that they had to share it with someone very special. We are so lucky to have you in our lives, and can’t wait to see you next year. In the meantime, stay cozy in there and try not to give your mommy a hard time. She is taking such good care of you. I love you so much, and always will.

Your Dad, Luke


Little one, we are very very lucky to have your daddy in our lives. He is the best, you’ll see.

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  1. Courtnei Evans writes:

    What a beautiful card!

    You and Luke both have a way with words.

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