18 weeks


18 weeks and feeling good! It’s been a full week of knowing we have a boy on the way and each day as the reality sets in I get more and more excited to have a son and of course I can’t wait to meet him. I was looking at some of the clothes and toys I had bookmarked for my registry and there wasn’t a thing on there that I needed to take off because it was “too girly.” I’ve never liked pink or been much into Barbie and princesses, so (for now) I’m happy to bypass all that.

I’m starting to feel all his movement more regularly and now they truly feel like light kicks, there really isn’t any other way to describe it. No more popcorn or flutters…just a little person inside me moving around. Other new developments include a few bouts of heartburn and for the last three nights I’ve had more trouble sleeping than usual. I know the sleeping will only get worse so I’ll just be grateful that at least for the past 18 weeks I was sleeping really well and perhaps I’ll be able to sleep well again in another 18 years.

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