17 weeks


Here I am at 17 weeks and time has definitely flown by since we found out I was pregnant about 13 weeks ago (I will definitely need to do a post about the first 17 weeks of this pregnancy at some point). I truly cannot believe how big I am already, it’s been quite a shock for me but completely amazing at the same time. I hit 17 weeks on Monday but Luke and I were celebrating our two year anniversary for the last few days so I haven’t had a chance to share yet. Right now I feel great, I sleep well and eat well and in general I just spend each day so happy and excited to be pregnant. Although, I was surprised by my growing belly, it is also definitely really nice to have a legit “bump” to show the world. The biggest thing that has happened this week is that I’ve started to feel our little boy move! It is an incredible feeling and so clear to me that it’s him. If feels like popcorn gently popping. I was looking out for a fluttering feeling that so many of the books and websites mentioned but that hasn’t quite been the sensation. It don’t notice it unless I’m relaxing while watching TV or reading a book and now that I know I can feel it I definitely try to bring it about while I’m lying down. I’ll make belly rolls to try and move him about. I hope you don’t mind little baby but it’s just too wonderful to feel you moving.

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