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A letter from Dad…


Well Baby, your dad has written you the most beautiful card and just in case anything were ever to happen to it I have to share it here because his words made my cry and I know that you’d want to hear them…


Hey Baby!

You are still inside your mommy now, but it’s our anniversary (2 years!) and in the interest of fairness I thought you deserved a card as well. We saw you yesterday on the sonogram. It was pretty amazing. You have a spine, five fingers and toes, BONES! and a cute little butt. Also, it turns out, you’re a BOY! Congratulations!… Beyond that, we don’t know much more about you. You’ll have to let us know after we teach you how to talk. We do know this, however: you are the greatest and most wonderful thing that has and will happen to us. You are loved so dearly by two people who have so much love between them that they had to share it with someone very special. We are so lucky to have you in our lives, and can’t wait to see you next year. In the meantime, stay cozy in there and try not to give your mommy a hard time. She is taking such good care of you. I love you so much, and always will.

Your Dad, Luke


Little one, we are very very lucky to have your daddy in our lives. He is the best, you’ll see.

18 weeks


18 weeks and feeling good! It’s been a full week of knowing we have a boy on the way and each day as the reality sets in I get more and more excited to have a son and of course I can’t wait to meet him. I was looking at some of the clothes and toys I had bookmarked for my registry and there wasn’t a thing on there that I needed to take off because it was “too girly.” I’ve never liked pink or been much into Barbie and princesses, so (for now) I’m happy to bypass all that.

I’m starting to feel all his movement more regularly and now they truly feel like light kicks, there really isn’t any other way to describe it. No more popcorn or flutters…just a little person inside me moving around. Other new developments include a few bouts of heartburn and for the last three nights I’ve had more trouble sleeping than usual. I know the sleeping will only get worse so I’ll just be grateful that at least for the past 18 weeks I was sleeping really well and perhaps I’ll be able to sleep well again in another 18 years.

First toy


The Greenwich Hotel, where we stayed for our anniversary, was selling this adorable stuffed gator and we thought he’d make a perfect first toy for our baby boy. Plus, when we see this guy hanging out in our little man’s crib we will always remember where we were and how we first found out we were having a boy! (Story to follow)

17 weeks


Here I am at 17 weeks and time has definitely flown by since we found out I was pregnant about 13 weeks ago (I will definitely need to do a post about the first 17 weeks of this pregnancy at some point). I truly cannot believe how big I am already, it’s been quite a shock for me but completely amazing at the same time. I hit 17 weeks on Monday but Luke and I were celebrating our two year anniversary for the last few days so I haven’t had a chance to share yet. Right now I feel great, I sleep well and eat well and in general I just spend each day so happy and excited to be pregnant. Although, I was surprised by my growing belly, it is also definitely really nice to have a legit “bump” to show the world. The biggest thing that has happened this week is that I’ve started to feel our little boy move! It is an incredible feeling and so clear to me that it’s him. If feels like popcorn gently popping. I was looking out for a fluttering feeling that so many of the books and websites mentioned but that hasn’t quite been the sensation. It don’t notice it unless I’m relaxing while watching TV or reading a book and now that I know I can feel it I definitely try to bring it about while I’m lying down. I’ll make belly rolls to try and move him about. I hope you don’t mind little baby but it’s just too wonderful to feel you moving.

It’s a Boy!


Luke and I are beyond excited and thrilled to tell the world that we are having a little boy! Our mini McCormick is due on February 25th and we cannot wait to meet him.

It’s taken me awhile to get this blog up and running again so that I can share stories about my first pregnancy, write letters to our son, keep updates on my progress, and just post cute baby stuff… but better late than never. This blog is mostly for me and Luke and then eventually to share with our little one when he’s older but if you stubble upon it, I hope you enjoy!