Our wedding on 100 Layer Cake

I’m very excited to share that our wedding was blogged about on 100LayerCake.com!

100LC was definitely a favorite of mine for lots of beautiful weddings and great inspiration, so this is quite special to me.

Check it out here!

4 Responses to “Our wedding on 100 Layer Cake”

  1. Christina writes:

    Hi Amanda!

    I wanted to let you know that the photos of your wedding on 100LayerCake.com are absolutely amazing! I also wanted to ask you where you found the tiny pig cake toppers – they are my favorite!!!

    Thank you!

  2. Amanda writes:

    Thank you! I order the pig cake toppers (which are made out of marzipan) from this site http://rebeccarusselltoppers.com/

  3. Michelle writes:


    I came across your amazing blog while searching for brides who have had their wedding at Shadow Lawn, I was hoping I could e-mail you a few questions about the venue and some of the logistical choices you had to make. I couldn’t find your email address on this blog, it would be so appreciative! Your wedding looks like it was absolutely picture perfect.

  4. Kendra writes:

    Hi Amanda,

    I know you haven’t posted anything on here for a while, but I was looking up info on Shadow Lawn and your site popped up. Cute wedding!! I was hoping you could give me a ball park number on how much you spent for Shadow Lawn when all was said and done (rentals, bathrooms–what did you do for those? etc.) not the whole wedding price, just venue. Did you find it was comparable to those around the area? 5200 (the current price) just seems like a lot for a venue without bathrooms, even though it is gooorgeous!

    Thanks for your help!!

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