Next Phase

By now most of the wedding craze has subsided. We recently received all our amazing photos that I will eventually share the link to once we get them up on flickr and then in about 6 more months our video will be ready but other than that its over. And I’m so so happy to be able to focus my attention on a new project. Our apartment!

I think the wedding planning has started an irreversible trend of me always needing a project to work on. And so Luke and I have decided to take on a redesign/decorate of our studio apartment. During our engagement people would often ask “Where are you going to live after the wedding?” And the question didn’t make too much sense to us at the time since we didn’t have any plans to move and didn’t think anything of the fact that we would just live where we’ve been living. But after the wedding I started to understand a little bit more. Marriage is a huge chapter that we are beginning and it makes sense that our home and what we are surrounded by should change with us.

We are already well underway with our plans. Two weeks ago we did a major clean-out….threw out everything that should have been disposed of years ago, donated furniture and clothing, and then upgraded our storage facility to add more belongings. We even replaced our refrigerator with a half fridge to allow for twice as much counter space (building the counter is still pending).

So right now, we are living on a mattress (a very comfy new queen mattress after six years sleeping on a full!) in the middle of our apartment. All our belongs are in boxes and we are eagerly awaiting the next steps… painting and repairs. After that we’ll be able to start the fun of new furniture and decorating.

I leave you with a few images of inspiration for the new look of our home. It’s quite funny to me how my daily blog reading as transformed from all weddings all the time to 24/7 decor and design blogs.

Our walls will be a light grey with white trim.

I love these crates! And I definitely might become victim to the antler trend.

I am going to try and recreate this look exactly. This bathroom just seems so peaceful and calm with a little bit of an edge. And I think its something we can realistically accomplish.

I love the collection of prints mixed together. And they are hung with 99 cent pant hangers from Ikea!

I need to remember to have a few pops of color and not just stick to safe neutrals. Plus love the vintage mirror.

3 Responses to “Next Phase”

  1. mom writes:

    this looks like a fun project! your a super researcher, so go at it.
    i can’t wait to see the finished project. knowing you…it will be amazing. going to be hard to top that wedding though…

  2. mom writes:

    love, love the bathroom!!!

  3. Amanda writes:

    Thanks mom! Can’t wait to show the finished product!

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