Happy One Month!

I can’t believe a month has past already. Luke and I had the time of our lives at our wedding with all our family and friends…and the first month of marriage has been equally amazing.

I know I’ve let the blogging go a bit in the months leading up to the wedding, but I’m ready to get back to it. I’ll be sharing all sorts of behind the scenes details of the big day as well as anything else that may come up in our lives.

For now, let me just say Happy One Month Anniversary to the love of my life and leave you with one photo from our super talented photographers.

Oh and if you have checked out the full gallery of photobooth images, you must! I’m so happy everything seemed to have a blast taking the pictures, it was definitely a highlight of the night! Click here to view, password is wright.

UPDATE: It has come to my attention that the link may not be working above please copy and paste this into your browser http://weddingsbytwo.photoshelter.com/gallery/Amanda-Luke-Photobooth/G0000tsfCl6sl6.A/P0000XoL08lOq1ZE

6 Responses to “Happy One Month!”

  1. Grandma & Grandpa Lewis writes:

    Dearest Amanda & Luke:

    We tried to open the wedding pics and got an error message that the address was incorrect…what can we do ?

  2. Amanda writes:

    Try this link http://weddingsbytwo.photoshelter.com/gallery/Amanda-Luke-Photobooth/G0000tsfCl6sl6.A/P0000XoL08lOq1ZE

  3. Grandma & Grandpa Lewis writes:

    Mr & Mrs,

    Tried it and now the site asks for a Password ???


  4. Amanda writes:

    The password is wright

  5. Erin writes:


    Congratulations. Your pictures are beautiful and it looks like you had an amazing time. I am currently planning a wedding at Shadow Lawn for next fall and would love to ask you a few questions about how you did things there. My address is greenkangaroo@gmail if you would like to write back.


  6. Courtnei Evans writes:

    I love this picture of Luke.

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