This is the kind of stuff we talk about…

From: Luke McCormick
To: Amanda Wright
Subject: xmas gifts
Date: December 5th, 2007

I have an idea for your marshmallow idea: I’m always bummed that my marshmallows disappear when i put them in the cup. Maybe we can decrease the surface area to volume ratio by making a thick-ish circular marshmallow that sits on top of the hot cocoa so it doesn’t all melt away at once.  We can cut a little piece away to be a sipping hole.  (see attachment)

Problem:  You wont be able to blow on hot cocoa with a big marshmallow in the way.  Soultion?: Some kind of cute hand-written caution label.

What do you think?

One Response to “This is the kind of stuff we talk about…”

  1. Charles writes:

    Unless the marshmallow was the exact size as the cup, it would float around a lot. The “coco hole” (not going to use the word “sippy”) would rarely line up with your previous sips, and would require a great deal of awkward cup turning. This puts everyone in danger of repetitive stress-based injuries to the wrist (and holiday spirit).

    Therefore, you would really need several holes around the perimeter of the marshmallow pad, allowing for only minor mouth adjustments with each sip. The additional manufacturing costs would pay for themselves over time.

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