How I Proposed

After five wonderful years, I proposed to Amanda on October 25th, 2009 – my 27th Birthday.  Leading up to the big question I spoke to my family, found an amazing ring from an antique jewelry store, and asked her dad for his blessing, ’cause I’m classy like that.

Amanda’s birthday surprise for me was to have Charlie set up Beatles Rock Band in our apartment while she and I were out having coffee with my mom.  Charlie was there when we got back and the three of sang Beatles songs for a couple of hours; it was a lot of fun.  Eventually Charles (who knew about both surprises) gracefully made an exit.  Amanda and I were on the couch when I explained that I really liked her present, but there was something else I was hoping for.  With that, I produced the ring from inside the couch where I’d hidden it that morning, got down on one knee, and asked for the best birthday present I could imagine: her hand in marriage.  – It all sounds pretty smooth, but I’ve never been more nervous, excited, and full of emotion in my life.  I was stumbling over the words and could barely articulate myself until I actually got to the question.  In memory, it’s all a happy blur except for the look on Amanda’s face when she said “yes.” That I will never forget.

While Amanda was on the phone with her family, I ran across the street to pick up a bottle of champagne.  Once the initial excitement had settled, we went to the dinner reservation already in place for my birthday.  We were beaming the whole time.

It was the perfect, most romantic, way to celebrate the first night of our long and happy future together.

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