Designing a ceremony

Amidst the chaos of flowers, dresses and contract negotiations sometimes you can start to loose site of what a wedding is all about. Getting married. The ceremony is the reason for our caterer, photographer and every other vendor we’ve hired, so we really wanted to make sure it stood out as the most important part of our day. With that in mind, we were so luck to have found an amazing officiant, Barbara Ann Michaels, to helps us design a one of a kind unforgettable ceremony for our wedding.

Barbara is so generous in time and spirit. She truly cares and has invested a lot of time in getting to know us and listening to our story in order to create a meaningful ceremony. Last Sunday night, Barbara sat with us for two and a half hours asking questions and learning all about our love. It was an incredible experience for Luke and I, one I think will survive as the highlight of the entire planning process. We laughed, we cried (tears of joy) and we reminisced about the past five years of our relationship. It was amazing the stories that emerged, ones we’d forgotten or just hadn’t thought of in a really long time. In the hectic that is the everyday is was so nice to stop, sit down (over veggies and dip), and express to one another, and to Barbara, why we love each other, what we love about the other, and why we are deciding to take that walk down the aisle.

It was such a warm and fuzzy experience that I would encourage any couple to take some time together, and even though no one else is listening, share the answers to some of the following questions:

  • How does your partner make you a better person?
  • When do you feel really loved by the other?
  • What are your goals for your future together?
  • Tell each other each in your own words the story of how you met? (It’s fun to see what stands out that may be different)
  • What do you admire about the other?
  • What does your partner do that is quintessentially her/him? Quirks that make you smile?

We can’t wait to see what Barbara writes to share with all our friends and family about us. We’re also working with her on ideas for unique “events” that will happen during the ceremony. Now we just need to get started on our part…writing the vows!

(The photo above by Lillian and Leonard is of an incredible elopement on a cliff in Scotland. Just the couple, the officiant and the photographers. Stunning!)

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