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Picking a wedding photographer was a huge priority for us.  Not only will the photos last a lifetime and always be the perfect way to look back on the day but recently Luke and I have become a bit of novice photogs ourselves. After buying our first dSLR camera this summer we’ve enjoyed going out on photo adventures, capturing amazing moments from the everyday or our incredible vacations.

Weddings by Two met all our needs. They are unique, creative, and super fun to work with. They shoot with both digital and real film and have an arsenal of vintage cameras at their disposal. Their style is unabtrustive and intimate.  I truly feel like I know what each wedding was all about when I look at the photos.  The emotions jump right out at you.  Lets take a look at some of my favorites (click to see full image)!

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  1. Save The Date | Amanda & Luke writes:

    [...] our lives while the wedding takes shape.  Sometimes we’ll write about wedding details like the photographer, the wedding party, or the day’s activities.  Other times we’ll just share a great [...]

  2. Grace writes:

    I just came across your site looking for feedback on Shadow Lawn and love it! Was this photographer expensive? Where are they located? I love the shots you posted. We want someone that takes pictures in the moment instead of all posed shots. Any information on them would be great! Also, any information on Shadow Lawn would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

  3. Amanda writes:

    Weddings by Two was an amazing photographer, I would highly highly recommend them! Get in touch with them to find out their rates. I thought the rates were reasonable. They are based out of NYC.

    Let me know if you are looking for specific info on Shadow Lawn. There is lots to say but it would be easier if you had questions I could answer.

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