Best Man – Charles Gallant

Whether you know him by Chester, Charlie, Chuck, or Chazb0t, it’s indisputable that Charles is a brilliant artist, a shrewd intellectual, and a great guy. It’s an honor to call him my best friend, and even more so, my best man.  We met in middle school and, while preoccupied with music, robot drawings, frisbees, mishaps, and adventures, effortlessly grew into lifelong friends.

Today, Charles lives in Brooklyn and works as a Freelance Web Strategist for some of the most creative and prestigious ad shops in New York.  His free time is spent finishing his guitar animation art project, considering the universe, and being totally awesome, as evidenced by the photo montage below:

Thanks, Chester, for always being a trustworthy and reliable friend.  In spite of our respective quirks–or maybe because of them–we’ve always had an easy time of understanding each other.  For that reason I’m grateful that you’re playing such an important role in the big day.  In the meantime, keep being totally awesome.

2 Responses to “Best Man – Charles Gallant”

  1. Charles writes:

    Wow. Luke, no thanks are necessary. Being your best friend, and your Best Man, is an absolute honor. Thank YOU.

  2. How I Proposed | Amanda & Luke writes:

    [...] back and the three of sang Beatles songs for a couple of hours; it was a lot of fun.  Eventually Charles (who knew about both surprises) gracefully made an exit.  Amanda and I were on the couch when I [...]

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