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We heart High Falls has become an invaluable source for all things wedding. From custom hair piece to vintage ball jars and milk glass, there are endless possibilities for great additions to the day.

While browsing etsy, I came across a seller that takes vintage maps and embroiders over them to create a great little art piece. I emailed to ask if by any chance she had a map that showed our wedding location of High Falls, NY. She did!! And voila…

A big thanks to JoAnn for making this for us! Be sure to check out her shop. For now, it sits on our bookshelf but I think I’m going to bring the little guy to the wedding, maybe display it on our table or something.

In more High Falls news…Luke and I are taking a trip up there this weekend. I’m so excited to explore the area and find great local recommendation to give our guests. We’re also meeting with our florist, potential caterer and taking another tour around Shadow Lawn. I’m really looking forward to a nice weekend in the country!

In Sickness & Health -OR- My Bloody Valentine

So last weekend was Valentines Day, and let’s just say it didn’t go so well.

As you may have read, Amanda recently had surgery on her hip to repair a nasty labral tear that had been bothering her for a while. As if two-weeks of being trapped in our apartment to deal with post-op pain wasn’t bad enough, on Sunday she woke up with a nasty cough. After a delightful Valentines Day brunch at Good (best egg sandwich in NYC–for reals!) it was clear that she needed medical attention.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend Valentines Day at the 24-hour clinic?

Thankfully, not a lot of people get sick on Valentines Day. There was a couple scrapbooking in the waiting room which was pretty funny–another romantic V-Day adventure. The wait was only about an hour before the doctor could see Amanda. She had bronchitis. baaawww:(

Fast forward to dinner, the main event.  In light of Amanda’s condition, we decided just to cook together and have a romantic night in.  We choose a family recipe, Bulgarian Pork Meatballs and Tzatziki with an Olive Oil & Lemon Potoato Salad. We get to work and things are starting to smell good. Bronchitis, leg pain, the doctor–all in the past. It’s Valentines Day and we’re in love. What could go wrong? This could:

While slicing cucumbers with a mandolin, I slipped and sent the tip of my finger past the blade. Blood. Everywhere. It was AWESOME. Always the photojournalist, I tried to get Amanda to snap some pictures but as it turned out she was more concerned with my well being than taking a sweet picture.  Go figure! Here’s fuzzy one:

I set up in the bathroom with my hand over the sink while Amanda limped around the apartment, finished cooking all by herself, and Googled “tip of finger sliced off what to do.”  Eventually we wrapped it in cotton gauze and sat down for dinner and a movie.  The food was delicious and the movie was okay.  Regardless, it was a relaxing change of pace from the hectic evening.

Right before bed I wanted to change the bandage, but I didn’t anticipate that the wound would have scabbed through the cotton gauze.  Not only was it excruciatingly painful to take off the bandage, but it started the bleeding all over again.  It was another couple of hours before it calmed down enough for us to sleep.

Achy, exhausted, coughing, and bloody, we finally were able to put this disastrous Valentines Day behind us.  A little bit worse for the wear, but no less in love.

Photographer – Weddings by Two

Picking a wedding photographer was a huge priority for us.  Not only will the photos last a lifetime and always be the perfect way to look back on the day but recently Luke and I have become a bit of novice photogs ourselves. After buying our first dSLR camera this summer we’ve enjoyed going out on photo adventures, capturing amazing moments from the everyday or our incredible vacations.

Weddings by Two met all our needs. They are unique, creative, and super fun to work with. They shoot with both digital and real film and have an arsenal of vintage cameras at their disposal. Their style is unabtrustive and intimate.  I truly feel like I know what each wedding was all about when I look at the photos.  The emotions jump right out at you.  Lets take a look at some of my favorites (click to see full image)!

I’m back

Hello Family and Friends,

I’m sorry to have been absent from blogging and sharing news about our wedding. Luke’s been holding down the fort on our little blog while I’ve been recovering from a hip surgery.  I”m finally feeling back to myself after arthroscopic surgery for a labral tear last Monday.  Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes or spent some time with me recovering!

Now back to blogging. Up next… meet our photographer!

Best Man – Charles Gallant

Whether you know him by Chester, Charlie, Chuck, or Chazb0t, it’s indisputable that Charles is a brilliant artist, a shrewd intellectual, and a great guy. It’s an honor to call him my best friend, and even more so, my best man.  We met in middle school and, while preoccupied with music, robot drawings, frisbees, mishaps, and adventures, effortlessly grew into lifelong friends.

Today, Charles lives in Brooklyn and works as a Freelance Web Strategist for some of the most creative and prestigious ad shops in New York.  His free time is spent finishing his guitar animation art project, considering the universe, and being totally awesome, as evidenced by the photo montage below:

Thanks, Chester, for always being a trustworthy and reliable friend.  In spite of our respective quirks–or maybe because of them–we’ve always had an easy time of understanding each other.  For that reason I’m grateful that you’re playing such an important role in the big day.  In the meantime, keep being totally awesome.