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Barn Decor

I love the beautiful red barn at Shadow Lawn.  But one thing I want to be careful of is to not go in the rustic farm theme direction of decorating.  That just doesn’t say Amanda and Luke to me.  Instead, I’d like to use the raw space for beautiful lighting, soft colors and just an overall vintage chic feel.

Curtains for the barn!  Now you won’t find any hay at our wedding but I love the flowing white fabric welcoming you into the space.


This next one is perfect. It absolutely says “vintage chic in the woods”


How simple and beautiful are these hanging vintage jars with flowers and lights?  A definite DIY decor option.   The whole wedding where I found this picture is stunning.  I’m taking a lot of inspiration from it.


I need to go antique hunting!

(Photo1 Brides, Photo 2 Rock n Roll Bride, Photo 3 Once Wed)

We have a location… and date!

After many sleepless nights contemplating where to have our wedding and really thinking about what we wanted our loved ones to take away from the day, we have made a decision.  Our main goal for the wedding (besides getting hitched) is to bring our family and friends together for a weekend filled with love and good times.  We decided we wanted to get away from the city to make this happen and eventually found our way to Shadow Lawn in High Falls, NY.  Now, unfortunately, there happen to be two High Falls in the state of NY…why NY? why?  Our High Falls is about 1 hour 45 minutes north of NYC in the Hudson Valley, not minutes from Canada.  I’m sure this is going to come back and haunt me throughout the planning process. It’s worth it though, the place is amazing!

“Situated at the crest of a waterfall, Shadow Lawn is romantic and picturesque. Its 18-century stone house contributes to a formal note. The 19-century barn is elegant yet unpretentious, and the brook and manicured grounds provide a serene backdrop for perfect occasions of all kinds.” -wellwed magazine

We can’t wait till September 18, 2010!!!


Just a sneak peak

(Photo from wellwed in New York)