How is it possible that I’m writing about my one year old son? There are so many emotions. I am so proud of my little man and the amazing person he is becoming but I’m also already nostalgic for the baby days that are behind us. But more on that later… Well, just in time for his first birthday Miles is officially a toddler…toddling around on two little feet. Seeing him walk around our apartment, makes me smile like crazy. He is such a little human. I wonder if he is one of the smallest little walkers there ever was. He may be small but he has more confidence and swagger than someone twice his size. He oozes personality and joy and there is really just no way to describe him. He just needs to be experienced and I am so lucky to experience the insane pleasure of being with him and being his mom everyday.

Weight: 18.6 lbs

Height: 30 inches

Hair: Still mostly in the back and getting curly.

Eyes: Big, bluish grey, and beautiful.

Likes: Holding a toy while walking around, the tractor flash card, resting his head on the ottoman, standing up while nursing, puppets

Dislikes: When mommy tries to get some cooking done and not play with Miles, getting things taken away, being in the stroller for more than 45 minutes

Loves: Playing his instruments (recorder, shakers, piano), books (especially one with flaps to lift), eating things off the floor, naked hugs after bath time, dogs, handing you his toys, peas

What he’s doing: WALKING! (it started with a couple steps towards me for about a week, then up to 15 steps at a time, and then a week before his birthday he really started just getting up and going), eating so much, understanding simple directions (can I have a kiss? play the instrument?), being cuddly, dancing up a storm every time music comes on, shaking his head, giving daddy awesome raspberries, sleeping with yaya, lifting up his arms so I can put the highchair tray on, switching his toy from one hand to the other when I’m putting on his coat or shirt, pointing at things he wants.

Things that melt my heart: There is nothing better than when he just randomly walks over to me and gives me a big hug, wrapping his little arms around my neck and laying his head on my shoulder.


Double digits. And just one more month till Miles turns one?!

As is the way with a developing human, each passing month, Miles is growing more and more into the person he plans on becoming. These past two months were definitely ones where he was exploring his opinions…likes and dislikes, fun and boring, etc. He is pretty particular when it comes to a lot of things, especially eating. His new self awareness has also turned him into quite the ham. He loves doing goofy things to make us laugh and capturing strangers attention with his cuteness. While shopping in a store, I’ll just put his stroller in front of the person at the register and he will be happily entertained trying to entertain others and keeping them interacting with him. I know I’m his mom, but seriously Miles’s cuteness is off the charts. And I love how it’s not just his adorable cheeks, nose and eyes but this incredible personality that truly makes him beyond heart-melting.

His physical skills continue to be pretty impressive and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was walking by his first birthday. Miles is definitely more physical than verbal (although there is plenty of talking too), if I had to pick one over the other that he favors.

Ok, lets get into it.

Weight: He was almost 19lbs but recently had a stomach bug and lost about a pound (it was so tough and sad).

Height: Not sure, but I’d say between 28-29 inches.

Hair: There’s a party in the back! I may need to start trimming it if the top decides to take it’s time.

Eyes: A lot like mine. Definitely a greyish blue.

Likes: Opening boxes, flipping pages, looking for things under the couch, pushing toys around the room, crawling around with his stuffed giraffe, ripping paper, beets, hummus, tomatoes.

Loves: Animal noises, listening to music, playing with musical instruments, playing with his kid uncles, puppy dogs, feeding food to others, cereal Os, duckie, all berries.

Dislikes: Oh the car seat, when other babies screech, getting a toy taken away, eating when he’s not in the mood.

What he’s doing: Impressively cruising around the apartment (cruising=walking sideways while holding onto furniture/walls/etc), standing for a few seconds unsupported, enjoying the law of gravity (aka throwing things off the highchair to walk them fall), eating food from inside his palm (shoveling), feeding others, putting objects inside a a container, coming over to hand me toys, pointing at everything, imitates sounds, maybe rolling the ball back and forth (can’t tell if he is trying to pick it up or is actually rolling it back), scrunchy face.

Things that melt my heart: Ok, so there is this “game” that Miles made up and plays and it is the cutest thing in the world. In the morning, Luke will usually take a shower while I’m nursing Miles and then join us for some play time in bed before we get a move on our day.  So Luke will be in his towel and Miles will go over to him and pretend to pull something off his nipples (it may have started when Miles thought he got a hair or something) and then proceed to pretend to feed daddy, Miles and mommy whatever this imaginary food is he has collected. It goes on for awhile and we all think it hilarious (including Miles). It’s amazing.



Well this is LONG overdue. There is so much to say since I skipped last month, thanks to travel, sickness and fussiness. I’m not even sure where to begin since Miles is doing SO much these days and continuing to be the cutest most wonderful baby. Let me just get right into it with everything I can think of from the past two months

Weight: 17lbs 10oz

Height: 27.75 inches

Hair: IT’S GROWING! Okay, so he’s still pretty bald but especially in the back there is definitely some hair. It seems at the moment to be darker than I would have expected, but I think we’ll have to see when it all grows in.

Eyes: Oh these eyes. They are just perfect. And people continue to stop me in the street and comment on his beautiful eyes.

Likes: Chasing balls around on the floor, red ball in particular. Staring at the speakers when music is playing. Eating! (it was a bumpy start to solids but now you love all sorts of foods). Buttons. Stuffed giraffe…I named him Francis (you must just like giraffes in general).  Sitting in our laps to read a book (books before bed always calm you down). Peoples feet (with and without socks). The ocean.

Loves: Bath time (he can’t get enough). Family dinner. Pears, apples, mangos, raspberries, sweet potatoes (anything sweet really). Tickles and silly noises. Pulling his books off the end table and “reading” them. Just exploring the apartment and playing with his toys (he can spend up to 45 min doing his own thing while I look on).

Dislikes: Lotion and pjs after your bath. Diaper changes. When I say no (but it’s amazing how well he understands no and actually stops). Sometimes he’ll complain when I put him down and walk away. Getting into the stroller (arches his back making it quite tricky to buckle him in). Falling down (obviously).

What he’s doing: SO MUCH. Ok here’s what I can think of from the past two months…Hands and knees crawling. Crawling with a toy in his hand. Pulling up on EVERYTHING. Picking things up with his thumb and forefinger (pincer grasp). Eating, chewing, swallowing finger foods and eating 3 meals a day. Standing with just one hand support. Squatting. Looking for things when they roll under the couch or fall off the stroller. Clearly, letting us know when he’s not happy. Sticking his tongue out constantly (doc says he does have a long tongue but we’ll keep on eye out to make sure it doesn’t affect his speech later). Babbling with D’s, B’s, and sometimes M’s. Making us laugh (it really seems like he’s in the the jokes now). Finding things funny all on his own (it’s the cutest thing when he just sees something and laughs at it). Talking to his toys/stuffed animals. Giving kisses.

Things that melt my heart: Getting kisses! When he put his head on my chest. Goofing around in mommy and daddy’s bed after pj time.

Oh jeez, I love Miles sooooooooo much.



So if last month it was all about wanting to move, this month it was all about MOVING. That’s right, Mr. Miles is mobile. He army crawls his way anywhere his little heart desires. This is huge. My little baby boy has a will and can actually make things happen for himself. If he wants it, he goes for it, if he’s curious about something he can go explore it. The world has opened up to him in a whole new way. And it seems his new found ability has actually helped him become more cuddly and a better nurser. It’s as if his previous need for constant freedom was truly all about figuring out how to move  and now that he’s got it down, he’s ok with taking a break every once in awhile. This month he also feels so much more aware of our relationship. He absolutely knows who I am and I can see him finding ways to express his love. He’s truly participating in our bond. “Aware” is actually how complete strangers will often describe Miles. Many time this past month, someone will comment that “he’s so aware.” I’m continually impressed by how engaged he is in the world around him and the incredible focus he has. At music class, when the teacher is talking, I look around and all the other babies are acting like normal babies, in their own world or exploring things around them, but then I look at Miles and he is laser focused on the teacher and listening to every word she says (even one day when we were right next to her, he turned his head back to pay complete attention). It’s been a really amazing month.

So here’s Miles at 7 months…

Weight: Probably between 16.5-17lbs

Heights: Too hard to measure but he’s of course growing everyday

Eyes: Often so serious, focused, and engaged.

Likes: Chair legs, tags, watching the red ball roll around, going in the pool, pears, broccoli, and sweet potatoes

Loves: Music (it can literally stop him in his tracks), Crawling (obviously), Exploring the living room, wires and cords (continually trying to keep him away from them), SWINGS, daddy’s glasses

Dislikes: Other babies screeching

What he’s doing: Crawling (army style), Eating (both purees and finger foods…it’s going ok, good and bad sessions), Making D sounds, Blowing air/raspberries, Lots of different yoga type moves, Drinking water from a straw cup, sometimes waking up way too early (5:45 is too early), not having nursing issues (yay for that phase being over), being awesome.

Things that melt my heart: The way he tries to follow me around now that he can! When he actually nursed in public at a bar!

May we help you?


Miles and I were in an intense brainstorm session about his business idea for a “Five-Day Diaper” when we were distracted by a nosy photographer.

The secret is time-release perfume packets.


Six months is a big deal. It seems like there are a lot of things that are no no’s until six months. A whole new world will be opening up to Miles. He’ll be able to start solid foods and wear sunblock (along with a bunch of other things I’m forgetting right now). This past month has really hit me how fast he’s growing up. I’m starting to wish I had never put him down as a baby because now he rarely wants to cuddle. It’s all go go go. Miles does not sit still. He’s not actually going anywhere quite yet but man oh man does he want to. He’s constantly rocking back and forth and moving his arms and legs on while on his tummy. He will stare and stretch for a toy just out of his grasp and so badly want to move towards it. He has his sweet quiet moments and maybe once in awhile he’ll actually rest his head on my shoulder but for the most part I have to remind myself not to be too sad about his independence and instead be in awe of his determination and love for reaching that next step in development. I can literally watch him wanting to grow-up. And although it seems like all he wants to do is play play play and go go go, he doesn’t miss an opportunity to stop, look over his shoulder and give me the biggest smile in the world just to let me know he’s still thinking about me. He makes me the proudest mama ever and I love him more than I thought humanly possible.

So here’s Miles at 6 months…

Weight: 16lbs 4oz

Height: 26.25 inches (apparently the measurement was wrong at our 4 month appointment, so we don’t know what he was then)

Eyes: The skin around them always gets so red. And unfortunately, I think he’s inherited my dark circles. Sorry buddy. But they are still so gorgeous.

Likes: Splashing in the water during bath time. Peek a boo. Watching people eat. Grabbing at anything on the table. Music class. Observing grownups in conversation.

Loves: When I let him gnaw on some food (he’s tried cucumber and watermelon). Playing by himself with all his toys. When someone sings to him. The Boo, Ba, La La book. Bouncing, jumping, moving.

Dislikes: Getting a toy taken away that he was playing with (sometimes I have to wash them before he sticks them in his mouth!). Nursing (I think), often I have to feed his in his sleep just to get him to eat. Getting his clothes changed.

What he’s doing: Grabbing his feet and doing the happy baby pose. I saw him a few times get up on his knees and forearm. TEETHING, although nothing is at the surface yet, he just seems pretty uncomfortable and is rubbing his gums. Taking shorter naps (grrr). Trying oh so hard to move around. Knowing what he wants and going for it or reaching for it. Doing big pushups. Sitting with just a little assistance. Making so many funny faces (he has very expressive eyebrows and always contorts his mouth in weird ways).

Things that melt my heart: How I can make him smile at the drop of a hat. When he comes at my face with a full open mouth. Steeling snuggles after the dream feed.



As expected, our little guy has grown and changed so much in just one month. He’s reached some big milestones and as always is growing cuter and more fun with each day. He is SO much fun. On Sundays, when the three of us are together all day, we spend most of it just making Miles laugh. There is no greater accomplishment in life right now than to make Miles laugh. It’s the best sound in the world and it never gets old. He is definitely an active participant in the world now and watching him discover and observe everything around him is so amazing. However, with his growing awareness of the world, he’s also become a lot less flexible from his newborn days. He doesn’t sleep anywhere as much and has become pretty darn picky about when, where and how he likes his meals. But on the other hand, he’s on more of a schedule and our days are somewhat predictable now which is really nice.

Did I mention how much fun Miles is? I can’t get over how much joy he’s brought into our lives. I don’t think I really knew what was fun was until having experienced life with my own child. I highly recommend it!

So here’s Miles at 5 months…

Weight: 15lbs 4oz (we have a pediatric scale)

Hair: Maybe some more fuzz?

Eyes: So pensive, curious, examining, and kind

Likes: Putting everything in his mouth. Squirming about (he doesn’t sit still much anymore). Looking at his reflection. Playing with his science ball. Looking at books. Sleeping on his tummy in his crib. Trying to steal glances at the TV. Bath time. Watching us eat.



Dislikes: Startling noises. Nursing anywhere but in our bed after having woken up from a nap that took place in his crib.

Loves: Funny noises (high pitches, raspberries, popping sounds, pretty much any silly noises a person can make). Playing with a water glass. Sophie the Giraffe. Sleeping. Getting tickled on his sides (probably not but I love it). When Luke blows really fast from his toes to his face. Kisses. Being surprised. The most random things (we do the craziest things to make him laugh, I can’t even think of them all!).



What he’s doing: Laughing, laughing, laughing (did I mention that?). Rolling over from back to tummy (pretty much if you set him down he immediately rolls over). Sleeping through the night in his crib (and no more swaddle). Grabbing and holding onto toys. Shaking a rattle. Scooting around a little bit on his tummy. Pulling his knees up under him when on his tummy. Almost grabbing his feet when he’s on his back. Being so curious about everything he sees.


Things that melt my heart: The way he holds onto my arm when I carry him. His sleepy little face when I roll him over in the morning. When he looks back at me on the couch if he’s playing solo on his play mat. How, if he’s having trouble falling asleep and crying, I’ll rub his back and he drifts off peacefully. All the new skills he’s learning and mastering. And of course, the sounds of his laugh.


I love this guy SO MUCH!



I’m so happy to find myself with the most adorable loving little four month old that I could have ever imagined. Although, there are moments where it seems to be going by too fast or where I’m even a little sad the newborn days are behind us, more than anything I’m loving every new and exciting day with Miles. I’m happy that with each passing day he is growing up to become the person he’s meant to be. I love that I am witness to every new discovery he makes and every milestone he reaches. I’m watching my son develop his own personality and preferences. And I’m just lucky to get to give him kisses along the way. I love him so much.

So before he changes on me yet again, I wanted to capture Miles at four months…

Weight: 14lbs

Height: Not sure…we’ll find out on the 11th when he gets his next round of vaccinations. (edit: 26 inches!)

Hair: Still barely any.

Eyes: So big and blue. Everyone comments on his beautiful eyes.


Likes: Mr. Sun on his toy bar attached to the bouncy chair. The alphabet song that Montgomery whale sings. Butterflies! Sophie the Giraffe. “Reading” his black & white book while doing tummy time. Getting lotion put on his legs.


Dislikes: Getting lotion put on his face. When I need to get the boogies out of his nose. Being tired and not getting to sleep right away. Being in the stroller if its not moving. The sun in his eyes. Bottles (only direct from the source for Miles).

Loves: When Daddy talks to him in French. Being sung to. Getting into his Miracle Blanket and going down for his first morning nap. Personal one on one attention.

What he’s doing: Talking up a storm. Kicking his legs like crazy. Being a master at tummy time. Rolling from front to back (a few times). Showing us his little laugh (just a handful of times so far). Sleeping 6 hours without nursing (actually last night was his first night in his crib and he slept from the dream feed (10:30) till 6:45!). Grabbing at toys (not yet holding on to them for very long). Chewing on his fingers non stop. Often being too distracted/busy to focus on eating (drives mommy nuts).


Things that melt my heart: The giant smiles I get first thing in the morning when I peak over his bassinet. The way he stretches his arms up when I unswaddle him. Always looking for me when someone else holds him. The little stories he tells in his sweet voice. The way he nuzzles in my neck before nap time. The smell of his head. How much he loves his daddy.


This baby of ours is nothing short of incredible. He has brought us constant joy every moment for the past four months. I can’t wait to see who he’ll become over the next month!

7-12 weeks old

Ok. So I’m way behind in my posts. I’ve just been having too much fun spending time with this little man…







6 weeks old


This week was a very special one for me. It felt like everything changed, in a very good way. As if overnight, Miles went from a blobby newborn to a sweet little baby. We bonded in a whole new way this week. I felt so confident as a new mom and I’m really starting to understand my son. I’m very lucky that he is still very mellow and easy going. If he does get a little upset, it seems clear to me whether he is tired, hungry, having gas pains, etc. I’ve loved Miles since the moment I found out I was pregnant but this week, well this week, I fell head over heals, crazy, I can’t get enough, in love with him. I love every moment of time we spend together and I truly feel like the luckiest mom in the world to call him mine. I just want to love him, cuddle him and kiss him all day long. And as if he wanted to tell me he feels the same way, at the end of the week, the morning he turned exactly 6 weeks old, he smiled!